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Results - The Stu Ertischek Memorial Invitational Handicap Doubles Tournament, Pro Men's Singles Championships, and Pro Women's Singles Championships - Sunday November 9th, 2003 - H.E.S., Brooklyn, NY

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photo L to R -Jason Ertischek, Kareem Wilkerson, Hugo Camacho, Rene Caraballo, and Felix Zilberbrand


Stewart Ertischek

Stuie was an avid one wall handball player who truly loved the game. He played one wall handball doubles every Monday and Wednesday evening at the H.E.S. in the winter
time. He played at West 5th Street courts on Sunday morning in the summer time. Stuie came to every One Wall Nationals in which he would take his son Jason whenever he could to watch and volunteer when possible. However, Stuie's first love was his family. He adored his sons Jason and Shawn and his wife Rita. Stu was a very caring and warm person who had a great laugh and a  terrific sense of humor. He would try new restaurants all the time and be the first to ask you if you ever eat there before. Although Stuie suffered from a brain tumor he was extremely courageous and tried to downplay his condition. After many years of fighting his illness, he lost the battle on October 4th. He was 54 years old. Stuie leaves behind his wife Rita, his sons Jason and Shawn and his brother Steven.
Stuie might have left us but he will be in our hearts forever...

The Stu Ertischek Memorial Invitational Handicap Doubles Tournament was held at the H.E.S. which is the backup indoor facility for the USHA One-Wall Nationals. The tournament was held in memory of Stu who was an avid one player who passed away on October 4. Jason Ertischek (Stu's son) attended in memory of his dad...The finals pitted Rene Caraballo/Felix Zilberbrand versus Hugo Camacho/ Kareem Wilkerson. After a close start, Rene's serve and kill shots and Felix steadiness proved to much as they prevailed 25-12.

Written by: Artie Fuchs


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photo L to R - Satish Jagnandan, Jesus Ayala, Andy Rousseau, and Cesar Sala


SERVE Magazine

Sept/Oct Book

HES Pro Men's and Women's Singles
Nov 9, 2003. Brooklyn, NY

by Milton Jones  - President, Ace Tour Handball

Cesar Sala Claims The HES Pro Singles Title Over Andy Rousseau

The winter pro season opened today at the HES YMCA in Brooklyn NY with Cesar Sala defeating surprise finalist Andy Rousseau 25-15. in a rather interesting display of handball. Rousseau played very well to give Sala something to think about and step up his level of play. Rousseau battled Sala in the beginning taking a small lead. But Sala stepped up the play and unleashed the hook serve once he did this the match was his. Rousseau gave his all, making great gets, exciting the crowd with his lunging dives and crushing power, but not consistent enough in the second half of the game.

Sala began to open up the court by handcuffing Rousseau with deep hook serves at the long line. The returns Rousseau made were hanging enough for Sala to put away. Match point and game point were earned when Rousseau hit both shots out with his left hand.

Road to the Finals

Rousseau's run to the finals may have been a surprise to everyone but well deserved. He played every match today with great tenacity. Rousseau defeated Raul Retian 25 - 5 pretty handily. Retian looked off today not sure of the movement of the ball. Rousseau was able to build confidence for the next match by really hitting out on every swing. Rousseau went on to defeat Joe Kaplan 25 -13 though Kaplan has been away for a while. Rousseau display some good ball play by running Kaplan and plastering the high volleys. When Kaplan did get his hands on the ball, he just hit the shots out. Hopefully he will be back on track soon. Rousseau has never beaten Kaplan before today so he truly has overcome a hurdle that can elevate his game. Rousseau's semi final match was Jesus Ayala and in the same form as the previous matches Rousseau took it to him 25 - 18 . Ayala played OK but seemed hampered by an injury. But never the less, Rousseau sent another opponent home to earn his birth in the finals. We hope to see more of this high level play from Rousseau.

Sala defeated Larry Tse 25 - 2 in an easy opening match. Went on to defeat Albert Apuzzi in a hard hitting battle of the serves. Cesar's semi final match against Satish Jagnandan was a rematch of there Bailey Park Open Singles final a few weeks ago where Jagnandan defeated Sala 25-14. Jagnandan scored 14 before Sala scored a point and 22 before he scored another. Today was just the opposite. This time it was Sala with a 22 point to zero lead before Jagnandan could score. But to no avail could Jagnandan compete with Sala today. The serve was just to strong and Jagnandan's returns were sitters in Sala's hands and he just put shots away, still a great match to watch.

Other Matches

Other matches throughout the tournament were just as exciting as the feature matches. Former National champions and reigning national champions alike tried to display their best on the slippery gymnasium floor. Jesus Ayala defeated the 2002 open singles national champion Yuber Castro in a great opening match. Ayala's low serve to both sides was on fire in this match. Crushing the returns into the right corner with his left hand. Castro held on as long as he could but missed some key shots to keep him in the game. Ayala went on to win the match 25 ? 18. Ayala's wave of low serves continued in his next match when he defeated Robert Sostre 25 - 19. Sostre with out a doubt has the best hands in the game looked a little out of practice but still played a great match. Ayala's serve had pinpoint down the line accuracy. A lot of aces against a great defender. Albert Apuzzi faced 2002 B national champion Jonathon Lee in his opening match. This was a match worth watching, as Apuzzi started off with a handy 8 point lead. Point by point Lee eased his way to an 8 - 8 match. Both players were making great shots, especially Apuzzi kneeling to the ground and hitting flat line killers off Lee's power drives, it was nice to watch. This match had some huge cross court angle rallies with either Apuzzi or Lee finishing off the play with a kill shot. At 14 all, Apuzzi was finally able to pull ahead in the match. At 24 - 18, Apuzzi served a low serve behind him down the left line and the serve was called out, obviously a good serve but there was a point replay and Apuzzi ended the match with another kneeling dive roller. Great effort to entertain the crowd from both players. Satish Jagnandan against Tony Roberts again, with Jagnandan defeating Roberts 25 - 23 in a close controversial match. This time Roberts let Jagnandan know we are not at Bailey Park and there will not be another 25 - 0 game. Another match worth watching, because both of the players serve and return well. These guys were pounding the ball. Roberts left hand kill shots both underhand and natural were awesome. A few calls on both sides went into controversy especially on the serve. Those of us that have good low serves want all of our serves to be good, but it is tuff calling that short line. If you want more on the controversy you will have to purchase the video. Still a great match between these two and Jagnandan went on to win 25 - 23. Jagnandon defeated Milton Jones 25 - 3. Jones started out ok, but seem to lose his rhythm as the match went on but still a great effort. We hope to see more of him on the pro circuit. Roberts defeated Mike Ross 25 - 1 in his opening match. Ross could not even get up to serve the ball. I think Roberts felt bad for him and gave him a serve on match point and then donated a point to the cause. We look forward to the next pro event and more exciting matches. Overall a great day at the HES Pro Singles Tournament.

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Jesus Ayala and Lori Acevedo


HES 1-Wall Tournament
By Ben Brettner

round of 16: Sala d. Tse 25-2, Apuzzi d. Lee 25-18, Jagnandan d. Jones 25-3, Roberts d. Ross 25-1, Sostre d. Angel 25-10, Ayala d. Castro 25-14, Rousseau d. Retian 25-5, Kaplan d. Boudreau 25-5 quarters: Sala d. Apuzzi 25-19, Jagnandan d. Roberts 25-23, Ayala d. Sostre 25-19, Rousseau d. Kaplan 25-13
semis: Sala d. Jagnandan 25-5, Rousseau d. Ayala 25-18
finals Sala d. Rousseau 25-13

quarters Davis d. Acevedo 25-24, Pares d. Watson 25-17, Calderon d.Torres 25-5 , McCourt d. Ten 25-5
semis: Pares d. Davis 25-19 , Calderon d. McCourt 25-8
finals Calderon d. Pares 25-15

At the HES, Sunday November 9th, stunning upsets in the mens event and a milestone victory in the womens singles were dominant stories. Jesus Ayala and Andy Rousseau were little known players before the tournament but will be well remembered by the enthusiastic spectators afterwards. Ayala defeated
former National singles champions Peewee Castro 25-14 and Robert Sostre 25-19. Andy Rousseau, a Montel Williams look-alike, also defeated a former National singles champion, Joe Kaplan, 25-13 and in a battle of the underdogs prevailed over Ayala 25-18.

With the drama on the bottom half of the draw Cesar navigated his way into the finals with relatively smooth sailing. His first challenge was future Hall of Famer Albert Apuzzi. Albert lead 16-8 before falling 25-19. His next opponent was Satish who had squeaked by current National singles champion Tony Roberts
25-23. Cesar had all 8 cylinders firing and lead 22-0 before Jagnandan could score 5 points avoiding the shut out. A 25-13 win over Andy showcased the skills will have earned Sala the number one ranking.

Anna Calderon wrote a story that may never be duplicated in the women's singles. A schoolgirl phenom, her win Sunday should anoint her as the best female player in handball history. Her story is so compelling that it would strain the imagination of a Hollywood script writer. A 15 year layoff, in which Calderon
completely dropped out of the handball radar screen. A visit two years ago to the Coney Island handball courts, where she enjoyed past glories, left those who remembered her stunned by the change. A vow to get in shape, two years of hard work and her effort was
rewarded with a decisive win over Brenda Pares 25-15.

Brenda a rising star defeated 3 time National singles champion Tracy Davis 25-19. Both ladies are excellent athletes with great court coverage. Brenda may be a little more battle tested because she seeks out tough competition against the male players at Coney Island.

Theresa McCourt one of the hardest hitting female players defeated Dori Ten 25-5. A leg injury, suffered during a training session the previous day, hampered Dori throughout her match. Perhaps she needs to adjust her training schedule. Anna's crushing of Theresa 25-8
included 15 straight un-returnable serves and sent the message that she is the senior member of their team.

In the finals Brenda's strategy was to move Anna around, thereby tiring her. Anna's strategy was simple, a devastating low serve; a weapon most other women don't possess.

In sports a question often posed is what would
champions of different eras do if they ever met. Well, we were privileged to watch, Anna teenage sensation of the eighties defeat the best of the current stars. Now she has her sites set on the 2004 Nationals.

Congratulations to Cesar and Anna.


Anna Calderon and Brenda Pares

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Women's Singles
by Albert Apuzzi

In order to increase participation combo ICHA/USHA members got to play for free. The format worked and resulted in a very competitive field. In the quarters, 19 year old Lori Acevedo lost a real nail bitter to Tracy Davis by just one point. The match was so exciting that other players wre calling time outs just to watch its ending. Brenda Pares used her cross court serve, to the left, to defeat hard hitting Veronica Watson 25-17. Anna Calderon's low serve had Bernice Torres baffled and resulted in a 25-5 victory. Theresa McCourt finally defeated Dori Ten 25-5.

In the semis. Brenda defeated Tracy 25-19 and Anna made 15 consecutive points, on unreturned serves, to crush Theresa McCourt 25-8.

In the finals Pares tried to tire Calderon by moving the ball from side to side. It was a good strategy except for the fact that Anna was making so many quick points on unreturnable serves. After he 25-15 victory Anna told a spectator that "its (her game) coming back".

Thanks to Theresa for raising some cash to help pay for the plaques which were awarded to the top four places.