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Bailey Park Men's Pro Doubles - June 29th, 2003

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Finals action.....with Satish Jagnandan sporting a HandballCity.com T-Shirt

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1. Joe Kaplan/Cesar Sala 2nd Round: 3rd Round: Semi-Finals: Finals:
Joe Kaplan/Cesar Sala
Joe Kaplan/Cesar Sala 25-8
Angel Maldonado/Aaron Velez
Angel Maldonado/Aaron Velez 25-23
Willie Sanchez/Gabe Vasquez
PeeWee Castro/Willie Polanco 25-5
Pedro Garcia/Andy Rousseau
Pedro Garcia/Andy Rousseau 25-10
Victor LoPierre/Raul Retian
PeeWee Castro/Willie Polanco 25-5
PeeWee Castro/Willie Polanco
3.Yuber Castro/Willie Polanco The Champions:
PeeWee Castro/Willie Polanco 25-9
4. Satish Jagnandan/Carlos Lopez
Satish Jagnandan/Carlos Lopez
Satish Jagnandan/Carlos Lopez 25-11
Eliel Torres/Adam Santana
Eddie Maisonet/Alex Rodriguez 25-16
Eddie Maisonet/Alex Rodriguez
Satish Jagnandan/Carlos Lopez 25-23
Tony Roberts/Francisco Carbuccia
Tony Roberts/Francisco Carbuccia 25-10
Paul Angel/Paul Williams
Tony Roberts/Francisco Carbuccia 25-23
Kendell Lewis/Robert Sostre
2. Kendell Lewis/Robert Sostre

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Bailey Park Pro-Doubles, June 29th 2003 - Bronx, NY

The fans were rooting for the home park team of Satish Jagnandan and Carlos Lopez.....but this tournament belonged to the visiting team of Pee Wee Castro and Willie Polanco. Castro/Polanco left all there competitors under 10 points.....and amazed the fans all day with their strong play. The finals game was Castro/Polanco defeating Jagnandan/Lopez 25-9. Castro/Polanco took control in this game early and jumped to a lead. This made a tough up hill battle for Jagnandan/Lopez.....they were not playing well coming from behind. PeeWee Castro impressed everyone with his power and aggressive play....and showed why he is the Nationals Champion. ( 1st place received $400 and 2nd place $200 ) The next major pro tournament is the NYC Mayor's Cup July 12-13th, 2003. The Finals will be held at Orchard Beach, Bronx, NY on Sunday July 13th......be there.

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Semi-Finals action with Cesar Sala going for a shot.

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Lopez, Polanco, Jagnandan, and Castro playing in the Finals.

- photos thanks to Albert Apuzzi -