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The New York City-Wide Handball Tournament    June 14-15th, 2003

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KAZUKI_5B1_5D.GIF (70980 bytes) Who will be crowned.....and become this year's Super Heroes of Handball

Finals June 15th at Central Park...be there

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Results - 2003 NYC Big Blue Citywide Handball Tournament - finals - Sunday June 15th, 2003 - Central Park, NYC - Men's Singles June 28th at Coney Island.
Women's "Open" singles Champion:
Taraisha "Tee Tee" Simmons, 2nd place: Karen McConney (final score 21-2)

Women's "B" singles Champion: Lori Acevedo, 2nd place: Tracia Burton (final score 21-1)

Women's "C" singles Champion: Christina Bunch, 2nd place: Quasia Watson (final score 21-11)

Women's "B" doubles Champions: Yvette Amador & Ana ?, 2nd place: Jennifer Peneda & Christina Bunch (21-19)

Men's "Open" singles Champion: John "Rookie" Wright, 2nd place Herman Mendez (final score 21-11?)

Men's "B" singles Champion: Wally Amaro (Philly), 2nd place: Christian Rivas (final score 21-8)

Men's "C" singles Champion: Tony "sniper" Santiago, 2nd place: James "Challenger" Gordon (final score 21-15)

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The Guys from Philly vs. NY at Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

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Ray Lopez/Willie Polanco defeating Cesar Sala/Tony Roberts at Central Park, NYC

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John "Rookie" Wright killing the ball on Shaheem Nelson at Central Park, NYC

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Emmitt Fitzpatrick/PeeWee Castro defeating Lefty Henry Santiago and Little Eddie Styles (swinging at the ball)

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John "Rookie" Wright defeating Lefty George Figueroa in the Semi-finals at Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

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Lefty George Figueroa goes for a shot down the line against "Rookie" as the crowed looks on.

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Herman Mendez goes for a roll shot against the #1 seed John "Rookie" Wright in the Finals at Coney Island.

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Herman Mendez and "Rookie" showing good sportsmanship, John "Rookie" Wright defeated Herman Mendez in the Finals and takes the Crown.....the #1 Big Blue Handball player in the World.

Citywide photos by Albert Apuzzi

Results - NYC Big Blue Citywide Handball Tournament - finals - Sunday June 15th, 2003 - Central Park, NYC Players from all over New York City, Long Island, and Philadelphia participated in this huge Handball event. The Event was coordinated by Tyrone Snell and his organization (OOHA) Our Own Handball Association. The Event was sponsored by the (USHA) United States Handball Association, White Castle, and Ridgewood Savings Bank. On Saturday June 14th they held preliminary rounds at 8 park locations in 5 boroughs. The locations were Coney Island and Lincoln Terrace Park in Brooklyn, Van Cortlandt Park and Orchard Beach in the Bronx, Far Rockaway and London Planetree in Queens, Central Park in Manhattan, and Midland Beach in Staten Island. On Sunday June 15th at Central Park the winners from Saturday's Borough Playoffs competed against each other to see who will be crowned NYC's BigBlue Champion's of the city. Due to the rain storm on Saturday many preliminary matches were not completed, and had to be played on Sunday. With so many entries this event could not be completed on Sunday either......and will resume on Sunday June 28nd at Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY. Results-NYC Big Blue Citywide-Open Singles-June 28th, 2003-Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY
The semifinal between Rookie and George was exciting. Rookie jumped out to an 8-0 lead. George made a run of his own and was leading at 14-9 at one point. Rookie took a 18-15 lead. At this point Rookie missed a kill attempt, off George's return of serve. When Rookie noticed George standing in the service box, with his eyeguards atop his head, Rookie insisted that George hadn't been wearing them during the previous rally. The match was delayed while a ruling was made. Rookie won this match 21-15.

quarters: Herman Mendez d. Robert Sostre, Tyrone Snell d. Ray Lopez (didn't show due to an injured hamstring), "Rookie' Wright d. Shaheem Nelson, George Figueroa d. PeeWee Castro
semis: Mendez d. Snell 21-17, Wright d. Figueroa 21-15
finals: Wright d. Mendez 21-11(?)

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