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Results - The King of the Courts (Singles) - July 26th, 2003 - Roy Wilkins Park, Queens, NY

King George back on top....puts an end to Rookie's "Shock and Awe"

Lefy George Figueroa defeats last years champ John "Rookie" Wright in the Finals 25-16. Rookie's "Shock and Awe" comes to an end, Rookie left all of his opponents under 6 points all day, until he faced George Figueroa. Unlike the Citywide tournament where Rookie took a huge early lead, this game went back and forth and stayed close. Then Rookie took off his shirt, and finally the crowed started getting loud. Then George took off his hat and threw it....and the crowd really went nuts. They were now ready to do battle. George Figueroa started to take control....with a couple of ace serves to Rookie's left hand, that landed on the side line. Rookie started to look nervous, as George was hitting key shots with his weak hand. Rookie was relying on his power today.....and George...he brought out the whole bag of magic tricks today.

The Tournament was run very well by the St. Albans Handball Association, which was Co Sponsored by Robert Taylor construction.


King George Figueroa

(photo)George Figueroa crowned by Dwight

3rd round action: PeeWee Castro d. Emmitt Fitzpatrick 21-13, Herman Mendez d. Tyrone Snell, Dave Rojas d. Cisco Aponte 21-6, Roland Brown d. Dennis Beadreau, Rookie d. Billy "the kid Hau, George Figueroa d. Shaheem "the dream" Nelson, Ray Lopez d. Willie Polanco, Wally Amaro d. ???. Quarter-finals action:  John "Rookie" Wright d. Roland Brown 21-4, Dave Rojas d. Herman Mendez 21-19, Wally Amaro (Philly) d. PeeWee Castro 21-20, George Figueroa d. Ray Lopez 21-6 Semi-finals: Figueroa d. Amaro 21-6, Wright d. Rojas 21-5 The Finals Figueroa d. Wright 25-17


1st place:  George Figueroa - $1,500
2nd place:  John "Rookie" Wright - $500
3rd place:  Dave Rojas - $200
4th place:  Wally Amaro - $125
5th place:  Herman Mendez - $75
6th place:  PeeWee Castro - $50
7th place:  Ray Lopez - $25
8th place:  Roland Brown - $25

Trophies also were Awarded to Top Eight

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Ray Lopez vs. Willie Polanco PeeWee Castro vs. Emmitt Fitzpatrick
Emmitt serving John "Rookie" Wright vs. Roland Brown
Dave Rojas vs. Herman Mendez Dave serving to Rookie
George Figueroa vs. Wally Amaro Rookie serving to Lefty George
Wally Amaro happy with 4th place trophy Mike & Rob selling HandballCity.com T-Shirts

    Mike from Coney Island playing chess