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Killers of Handball "Open Doubles" Handball Tournament

Sunday July 6th, 2003

sponsored by Skechers

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Results - "Killers of Handball" Open Doubles Tournament - Sponsored by SKECHERS - Sunday July 6th, 2003 - 4th Street/4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY Great Handball, nice weather, a BBQ, cold drinks, Free T-shirts and Hats....what else can you ask for at a tournament. The Tournament had 32 doubles teams, with players of all levels. Besides all of the top players present.....there were some surprises. Angel Marquez showed up with his new student Artie....from Bronx Park East. Angel Marquez who is retired from competitive play wanted to support this sponsored event. He felt it was a good way to train his student against the top players. They not only showed up....they made it all the way to the 3rd round. Marquez's experience and the youth of his student was a good combination. Also making guest appearances today were, Joe Durso coming to watch the action from Coney Island, and Albert Apuzzi lending his knowledge of the rules of Handball.

The games that stood out were PeeWee Castro/Willie Polanco vs. "Rookie"/Fred Lynch. This match was a nail biter, with dives, gets, kills, and rollers. Rookie/Lynch prevailed in this match 21-19. The Ervin Irizzary/Robert Sostre vs. Buddha Reed/Eddie Styles game felt like it was 2 hours long. Consisted of lots of high energy from 4 of the top players in the game. Reed/Styles were the winners of this controversial match 21-19.

Semi-finals action: John "Rookie" Wright/Fred Lynch defeated Buddha Reed/Eddie Styles 21-19, and in the other Semi-final match it was Herman Mendez/Dave Rojas defeating Buddy Gantt/Emmitt Fitzpatrick 21-6. In the Finals it was Mendez and Rojas winning by forfeit over Rookie/Lynch. Mendez/Rojas were leading 10-8 when it started getting too dark to play. Fred Lynch just could not see the ball anymore and decided to forfeit the match. 1st place Herman Mendez/Dave Rojas received $500 and 2nd Place John "Rookie" Wright/Fred Lynch received $300.

The tournament coordinators were Danny and Nick Sanchez. HandballCity.com would like to thank Skechers for their sponsorship of this event, and hopefully more sponsors will get involved in NYC Handball in the future.

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Semi-finals action: Herman Mendez/Dave Rojas vs. Buddy Gantt/Emmitt Fitzpatrick


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Herman Mendez above with great front positioning


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Both Semi-final matches were played with high intensity

1st Round: Jimmy/Dave d. Chris/Emilio 21-12, Buddha Reed/Eddie Styles d. Anthony/Wilson 21-16, Ervin Irizzary/Robert Sostre d. Chris/Carlos 21-14, Roland Brown/Pete Martinez d. Oscar DeJesus/Ricky Montalvo 21-9, Cesar Sala/Tony Roberts d. Rob/Leche 21-9, PeeWee Castro/Willie Polanco d. Erckel/Dennis Boudreau 21-5, Fefe/Danny d. Danny/Freddy 21-12, John "Rookie" Wright/Fred Lynch d. Carlos/Victor 21-?, Angel Marquez/Artie d. Ed/Jeff 21-17, Rob/Mike d. Jose/Louie 21-16, Frank/Glenn d. Ray Lopez/Nick Sanchez 21-18, Herman Mendez/Dave Rojas d. Ernest Otero/Jose 21-13, Emmitt Fitzpatrick/Buddy Gantt d. Eric/Carlos 21-?, John Neckov/Chic d. Carlos/Paul 21-?, Larry/Angel "Pebbles" Cintron d. Smash/Art 21-16, Angel Diaz/Steve d. Henry Santiago/Ricky Montalvo 21-15

2nd Round: Buddha Reed/Eddie Styles d. Jimmy/Dave 21-8, Ervin Irizzary/Robert Sostre d. Roland Brown/Pete Martinez 21-7, PeeWee Castro/Willie Polanco d. Cesar Sala/Tony Roberts 21-19, John "Rookie" Wright/Fred Lynch d. Fefe/Danny 21-?, Angel Marquez/Artie d. Rob/Mike 21-18, Herman Mendez/Dave Rojas d. Frank/Glenn 21-?, Emmitt Fitzpatrick/Buddy Gantt d. John Neckov/Chic 21-17, Larry/Angel "Pebbles" Cintron d. Angel Diaz/Steven 21-?

3rd Round: Buddha Reed/Eddie Styles d. Ervin Irizzary/Robert Sostre 21-19, John "Rookie" Wright/Fred Lynch d. PeeWee Castro/Willie Polanco 21-19, Herman Mendez/Dave Rojas d. Angel Marquez/Artie 21-8, Emmitt Fitzpatrick/Buddy Gantt d. Larry/Angel "Pebbles" Cintron 21-9.

Semi-Finals: John "Rookie" Wright/Fred Lynch d. Buddha Reed/Eddie Styles 21-19, Herman Mendez/Dave Rojas d. Emmitt Fitzpatrick/Buddy Gantt 21-6.

Finals: Herman Mendez/Dave Rojas defeated John "Rookie" Wright/Fred Lynch (forfeit)


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photo on the right: Angel Marquez modeling the FREE Skechers gear....T-Shirt and Hat


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Semi-finals action: John "Rookie" Wright/Fred Lynch vs. Buddha Reed/Eddie Styles


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Angel Marquez and his student Artie from Bronx Park East


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Tournament Coordinator Danny Sanchez reffing the match