The “In Loving Memory of Tito Memorial Handball Tournament ”, A gathering of family, friends and players from Allentown, Bethlehem, Reading and Philadelphia, Pa. Came to participate in this blessed and charitable fundraising event. We had 34 players and over 50 spectators, amongst the players were Tito’s 2 youngest son’s; Lil Tito and Steven, in which their only 8 & 10yrs old. So, we start it off in the 1st round the match to watch was Harold & Tito #2 vs. the Young Desperados of Lil Tito & Steven, it was a fast pace match where the Desperados  were showing off their acrobatic skills, making shots between the legs and behind the back, bringing the roaring crowd to its feet, which left the veterans stunned and amazed, the Desperados pulled out the victory by winning 21-20, And became Allentown’s youngest handball champions. You just felt their father’s presence on the court inspiring them to win. Now, in the 2nd round the teams of Wally & los (Philly), Ivan & George (Philly), Skinny 7 Rusty (Atwn) and Tito’s younger brother Pablo & nephew “Cano’ (Atwn) all advanced to the Semi-finals. Where the team of Skinny & Rusty matched up against Philly’s Top team of Wally & Los.

The home team of Pablo & Cano vs. Ivan & George was a high intense match going back and forth point for point, when Pablo & Cano caught fire …and started smoking every shot and never looked back…they 21-15, which propelled them into the Finals and a chance at the 1st Grand prize. The other semi-final game was skinny & Rusty vs. Wally & Los; this was an elite match up. Wally started it off with an off the wall “Spike-Roller’!! WOW!! What a shot, But Skinny & Rusty

Gained control and took a 14-7 lead. Wally & Los came roaring back to take the lead and won 21-14., now that also puts them into the Finals against Pablo & Cano, but before that 3rd Place had to be fought for by the losers of the Semi-finals; Ivan & George vs. Skinny & Rusty. Rusty had a family emergency which left Skinny in pretty awkward position, he either had to forfeit or play by himself. So he chose to play alone with all the odds against him, and turned out that the opposing team had a better chance of winning with Skinny having a partner. Skinny was hot and in the “zone”, he served up a DONUT 21-0.

And for the moment we all been waiting for “The Finals”…, Wally & Los the Philly Spiker's vs. Pablo “Mr. Wild Wild West” himself and the Terminator X “Cano”. Sure enough it was on like that!!! First serves went to Pablo & Cano, they scored quickly going up 4-0., then the Philly team went ahead 5-4, Allentown team came back and went ahead 7-5, Wally picked it up a notch and took back the lead 14-7, Pablo & Cano came back to make it a 14-10 game, when Wally & Los went on a 10 point run to bring the match to point game, Pablo & Cano made a valiant effort to bring the score to 24-17 before they ran out of gas, the team of Wally & Los won 25-17.


1st Place - Wally Amaro & Los (Philly)

2nd Place- Pablo Jimenez & Daniel “Cano” Colon (Atwn)

3rd Place – Jose “Skinny” Perez (Atwn)







What a spectacular day for a handball tournament, after a rough week of bad weather; the skies literally lit up for this wonderful occasion to honor and commemorate one of our own handball players. Eddie “Tito” Jimenez, pasted-away at the age of 37, less than 2weeks ago. On this day March 28th, 2004. We all came together to pay tribute to a man, a friend, a brother, a son, a father and a husband. We all knew Tito loved this game of ours we call handball, and he’s been a player for many years, form playing Big-Blue at Jordan Park against Allentown’s Elite Players, to playing with the new younger generation at Jordan Meadows at Gordon & American Plaza Pkwy, To playing Small-ball with the older gents at Alton Park, plus the Maryland Invitational and the Open Pro-Am Competition in New York.

Most players had the pleasure of playing with and against him at one time or another, He  was a gentleman on as well as off the courts, and as he embedded his seed into his two younger son’s; Lil Tito and Steven, teaching them the fundamentals of the game, I can sure enough see that they’re going to grow up to be great players just like their Dad.    


All the proceeds went to the Jimenez Family… We were fortunate to have a great turn out, and on behalf of Allentown Big-East Handball Association, and all the players, family and friends.

We presented to Tito’s wife Luz Jimenez-Vega and her children and Tito’s two older daughter’s and his father Eddie Jimenez Sr; with an Commerative trophy for Tito’s Devotion and Outstanding service to the handball community. We also blessed Luz with a gift offering and a card signed by all the players, another gift offering went Eddie Jimenez Sr and his wife Rosa from Sister’s In Prayer Group that supplied the drinks from their Heavens Hut.

Special thanks to; Sister’s In Prayer, Migdog Promo and  Chinosports from Philly, Rick Medina of POWHA and all of Tito’s Family that came out to support us. May God Bless Tito and All of You Too, We will miss but never forget you and You’ll always be in our hearts….. 

Copyright ® 2004