Results - USHA Men's & Women's Pro Singles Stop #2 in conjunction with an Invitational Handicap "B" Doubles - Sunday October 31st, 2004 - at the new H.E.S. 9502 Seaview Ave., Brooklyn, NY

“National Champions stepped up to the Challenge”

Many of the matches were quite competitive, but today the junior players had gained the respect from there peers. Both Jonathan Iglesias and Stan Zavoyskiy played extremely well. In the 1st round Jonathan played against John “Rookie” Wright who took 2nd place in this year’s Nationals. Jonathan played very well, so well that Rookie looked frazzled and was looking for non-calls. Rookie finally defeated Eglesias 25-20. Stan Zavoyskiy also played well against his early round match with Robert Sostre. Robert “Ice Man” Sostre who is a multi-sport Champion (Handball, Paddleball, and Racquetball) was exhausted after the match. He said the kid played great and his volley game was tiring him out. Sostre defeated Zavoyskiy 25-19.  Quarterfinals action was intense as Cesar Sala squeaked by Paul Williams 25-23, John” Rookie” Wright defeated Robert Sostre 25-20, National Champion Satish Jagnandan defeated PeeWee Castro 25-14, and Tony Roberts defeated Milton Jones 25-20. In the Semi’s Satish Jagnandan unleash his assault on Tony Roberts, Satish was clicking on all cylinders and looked like he was trying to send a message to the other top players. The final score was 25-5 Satish. In the other Semi-final match up it was a match up the fans wanted to see Cesar Sala vs. “Rookie” Wright. From the beginning “Rookie” seemed in control. Cesar’s shot selection early seemed to be the problem, several missed punch shots cannot happen early against a player like “Rookie”. Although Cesar made up for his mistakes by tracking down nearly impossible balls…”Rookie” was waiting for the ball to come back to the wall…so he can “CRUSH IT”.  The match went back in forth with lots of dives and kill shots. In the Finals it was a rematch of this year’s 2004 USHA One-Wall Nationals. Satish Jagnandan who has one of the best serves in the game verses John “Rookie” Wright who quite frankly will push you to the limit and wear you down. This match went back in forth with many lead changes, then Satish took a 6 point lead. “Rookie” did storm back to tie the match at 18, but Satish’s serve and kill shots were superior as he defeated “Rookie” 25-20. In the Women’s Pro Singles Brenda Pares continued her run of dominance in 2004 by defeating Anna Calderon 25-18. Brenda Pares 2004 titles were the Queen of the Courts, Mayor’s Cup, Nationals, and HES Pro Stop. by Jimmy Russo

Results:Mens Open Singles

Preliminary Round
Cesar Sala bye, Paul Williams d. Ed DelRio , 0 Rookie Wright d. Jonathan Iglesias , 20 Robert Sostre d. Stan Zavoyskiy, 19 Satish Jagnandan d. Chris Ramos,0 PeeWee Castro  d. Paul Angel, 1 Milton Jones d. Alvaro Rebaza, 13
Tony Roberts d, Juned Khan,10

Cesar Sala d. Paul Williams  23 Rookie Wright d. Robert Sostre 20 Satish Jagnandan d. PeeWee Castro,14 Tony Roberts d. Milton Jones, 20

Rookie Wright d. Cesar Sala 21, Satish Jagnandan  d. Tony Roberts 5

Satish Jagnandan  d, Rookie Wright, 20

Womens Open Singles

Anna Calderon bye,
Lori Acevedo d. Alethia Mendez, 17
Brenda Pares d. Bernice Torres,16
Tracey Davis bye

Anna Calderon d. Lori Acevedo,17
Brenda Pares  d. Tracy Davis(forfeit)

Brenda Pares d. Anna Calderon,18

The Womens final pitted Anna Calderon and Brenda Pares in a well fought match that was close to the end. Brenda was serving at 20-18 when she went on a run to close out the match at 25-18.





Here are the results of the Invitational Handicap tournament:

Preliminary Round
Bob Caime/Rene Caraballo d. Bill Scheer/Jim Martini,12
Larry Drago/Mike Grabowski d.Dan Flickstein/Graham Palmore,22 Miguel Givira/Abe Haiman d. Dan Danilcyck/Joe Jacaruso,16 Mike Czaplinski/Dwayne Sampson d. Pete Stefano/Nick Thedarakis,14
Joe Amacio/Rob Robertson d. Jose DeJesus/Stan Zavoyskiy,16 Hugo Camacho/Norm Adler d. John Murdoch/Ron Pescatore,18 Ray Clark/Felix Zilberbrand  d. Joe Heins/ Jim LoNano,13 Paul Angel/Max Forcht d. Joe Costanzo/Ron Frisina,7

Larrry Drago/Mike Grabowski d.Bob Caime/Rene Caraballo,11
Miguel Givira/Abe Haiman d. Mike Czaplinski/Dwayne Sampson,11
Joe Amacio/Rob Robertson d. Hugo Camacho/Norm Adler,22
Ray Clark/Felix Zilberbrand d. Paul Angel/Max Forcht,18

Larry Drago/Mike Grabowski d. Miguel Givira/Abe Haiman,14
Joe Amacio/Rob Robertson d.Ray clark Zilberbrand,22

Larry Drago/Mike Grabowski d. Joe Amacio/Rob Robertson,24

The Invitational Handicap Tournament finals was a terrific match between Larry Drago/Mike Grabowski and Joe Amacio/Rob Robertson.Rob and Joe were in command leading 24-16 looking for their first championship. After a few questionable calls, Mike's kill shots and Larry's steadiness allowed them to make a great comeback and prevail 25-24.  by
Artie Fuchs




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