Results - $10,000 1st place Interstate Mixed Doubles - Saturday September 24th, 2005 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY. Sponsored by South Kearny Truck Repair Center, Florida Truck Center, and CPQ Freight Systems.

Rookie & Gladys said "show us the money"

John "Rookie" Wright raises his fist in Victory. (click on photo to view larger version)

The tournament created a buzz throughout New York City, since it had contained one of the largest money prizes in recent history in this area. It all started in Miami Beach, Florida when business man Juan-Carlos Guerra took interest in one-wall Handball. The story goes something like this, a couple of New York City Handball players Victor and Joey (Spiderman) who had relocated to Florida, had approached Juan about sponsoring a Handball tournament…and the rest is history. Juan-Carlos Guerra and sponsors have been very generous; they coordinated several events in Florida, a $5,000 event in June, a $10,000 event in July, a $15,000 event in September, and the upcoming $25,000 event on November 12th, 2005. Several players already have received round trip plan tickets to the Miami, Florida event, paid Hotel nights, and spending money…since they have proven they are the superstars of this sport. There are already rumors of even larger prizes in future events. This may be the catalyst that brings the sport of one-wall Handball mainstream, and perhaps more sponsors will develop interest in this game.

Robert "Ice Man" Sostre goes for shot down the line.

The $10,000 Coney Island Mixed Doubles Tournament was a huge success; it was coordinated by Tony Roberts and Melody Ruiz. They did a terrific job with making sure it started on time, matches being reffed properly, and everything ran on schedule. In fact Tony and Melody presented Juan-Carlos Guerra with a crystal award that stated in Spanish, "Juan-Carlos an honorable man who has worked miracles for the Sport of handball. We love and appreciate you.” They wanted to give him something for everything he has done.

Juan-Carlos Guerra showing off his Award. (photo by Albert Apuzzi)

The tournament was packed with action with so many competitive matches. Everyone was thinking of the large prize money. Many people would view a Mixed Doubles tournament and think, just pick on the female player. In NYC even the girls have game and strategy. As the male players would take most of the court, leaving their weak hand corner open as they try to pound the ball at the females. The female would then go cross court to their corner and make them pay with a killer or hit a drop shot in front of them. The most competitive game of the day was the Men’s exhibition match where the winners received $2,000. The tournament also had the largest fan attendance of the 2005 Handball season.

Sala/Lopez and Sostre/DeJesus do battle for $2,000

First place team John “Rookie” Wright & Gladys Miranda split $10,000, second place PeeWee Castro & Brenda Pares split $3,000. Awards were also given for 3rd place George Figueroa & Veronica Figueroa $800 and 4th place Karen McConney & Shaheem Nelson. Women’s Exhibition winners Stacy & Mari received $1,000, and Men’s Exhibition winners Ray Lopez & Cesar Sala received $2,000, MVP-Most Valuable Player female winners Tracy Davis & Dejanna received $1,500 each, Men’s MVP players Robert Sostre & Oscar DeJesus received $1,000 each.

Semi-Finals Action was fantastic....

The Bling Bling went to John “Rookie” Wright. Juan-Carlos Guerra awarded Rookie a thick platinum iced out bracelet (est. worth $5,000-$50,000) Rookie had entered all of Juan’s tournaments, and has won 3 out of 4 of them. Juan also announced to the cheering crowed that he will be sponsoring 2 more tournaments in New York City in 2006.

Brenda Pares places a power shot back to the wall.

"Bronx Monster" Cisco Aponte hits a roll shot.

Stephanie models FREE T-Shirt (front/back)...which was given to all entrees.


The crowed was cheering throughout the Finals.

Little Eddie Styles focusing in on a kill shot.

Hit Counter

PeeWee Castro going for a kill in Gladys Miranda's corner. (photo by Albert Apuzzi)

Interstate Mixed Doubles Handball Tournament 9/24/05

Preliminary Rounds:

Mike Falcis & Ruby vs. Buddha Reed & Lori 21-14

Jay & Heather vs. Baby Bird & Sheena 21-11

Robert Sostre & Tracy Davis vs. Phat Kat Soriano & Bri 21-6

Wildman Rick Montalvo & TeeTee Simmons vs. Rhonda & Art 21-14

Chris & Michelle vs. Dana & Dave Rojas 21-1

Tyrone Snell & Tonya Brown vs. Frank & CD 21-15

Fast Eddie & Leann vs. Yoyo & Chris 21-17

Bernice Torres & Speedy Rodriguez vs. Juan & Stephanie 21-4

Jose & Samantha vs. Noel & Stacy 21-3

Little Eddie Styles & Dejanna vs. Bobby Bird & Chrissy 21-?

Carlos Figueroa & Stacy vs. Tamiko & Stacy 21-20

Lefty Lori Acevedo & Cisco Aponte vs. Lifeguard Eddie Crespo & Evette 21-9

Tyesha & Justin vs. Quasia Watson & Justin 21-14

Round of 32

Rookie Wright & Gladys Miranda vs. BJ Fludd & Loreen 21-2

Cesar Sala & Anna Calderon vs. Milton Jones & Miriam 21-13

Mike Falcis & Ruby vs. Sophie Murphy & Billy the Kid 21-16

Robert Sostre & Tracy Davis vs. Jay & Heather 21-7

Mari & Roland Brown vs. Wally Amaro & Jenny 21-14

Joe Thompson & Adrianne Floyd vs. Wildman Rick & Tee Tee 21-18

Tyrone Snell & Tonya vs. Dave Rojas & Dana 21-14

George & Veronica Figueroa vs. Fast Eddie Styles & Leann 21-9

Pee Wee Castro & Brenda Pares vs. Vanessa & Michael 21-5

Bernice Torres & Speedy vs. Adam & Katherine 21 -0

Roger & Nita vs. Barbara & Paul 21-11

Oscar DeJesus & Barbara vs. Sara & June 21-19

Maggie Crespo & Lefty Willie Polanco vs. Jose & Samantha 21-16

Little Eddie Styles & Dejanna vs. Carlos Figueroa & Stacy 21-11

Lefty Lori Acevedo & Cisco Aponte vs. Tyesha & Justin 21-11

Karen McConney & Shaheem Nelson vs. Maribel Rodriguez & Mickey 21-3

Round of 16

John “Rookie” Wright & Gladys Miranda vs. Cesar Sala & Anna Calderon 21-11

Robert Sostre & Tracy Davis & Mike Falcis & Ruby 21-11

Adrianne & Joe Thompson vs. Mari & Roland Brown 21-12

George & Veronica Figueroa vs. Tyrone Snell & Tonya 21-13

PeeWee Castro & Brenda Pares vs. Speedy & Bernice Torres 21-14

Oscar DeJesus & Barbara vs. Roger & Nita 21-2

Little Eddie Styles & Dejanna vs. Maggie Crespo & Lefty Willie Polanco 21-13

Shaheem Nelson & Karen McConney vs. Lori Acevedo & Cisco Aponte 21-17


John “Rookie” Wright & Gladys Miranda vs. Robert Sostre & Tracy Davis 21-8

George & Veronica Figueroa vs. Joe Thompson & Adrianne Floyd 21-16

Brenda Pares & PeeWee Castro vs. Oscar DeJesus & Barbara 21-7

Shaheem Nelson & Karen McConney vs. Little Eddie Styles & Dejanna 21-14


John “Rookie” Wright & Gladys Miranda vs. George & Veronica Figueroa 21-8

Brenda Pares & PeeWee Castro vs. Shaheem Nelson & Karen McConney 21-14

Third Place

George & Veronica Figueroa vs. Shaheem Nelson & Karen McConney 21-14


John “Rookie” Wright & Gladys Miranda vs. Brenda Pares & PeeWee Castro 25-16

Exhibition Games:

Stacy & Mari vs. Chrissy & Lefty Lori Acevedo 21-6

Ray Lopez & Cesar Sala vs. Robert Sostre & Oscar DeJesus 21-19

Tracy Davis & Brenda Pares vs. Veronica & Dejanna 21-?


Tracy Davis and Lian Chin sporting their T-Shirts.



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