Date July 23/24

Doubles tournament

Entry fee is $20 PP $40 per team.
First prize is $10,000
second and third $$$$ will be announced on the day of the event.

Deadline to enter tournament July 11th. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO sign up at the day of the tournament and NO late entries.

As some of you have heard about the $25,000 event scheduled in November, in order to enter that event, teams must play in the July 23rd event to receive an invitation to play in November.
PLEASE NOTE: Invite will be chosen by performance only on July 23rd event. Not everyone that plays will be invited. It is up to the sponsor to make the decision.

You must mail a money order to:
15465 SW 141 TERRACE
MIAMI, FL 33196

Please provide your name and your partner's name inside the envelope. PREFERABLY CONSIDER BOTH PARTICIPANTS TO PAY AS ONE. Please be advised, it will not be accepted for anyone to try to team up with someone to play on the day of the event. You must come prepared with your partner prior to the event to avoid further complications.