Full Results - USHA National Junior One-Wall Championships - May 27th-29th, 2006 - Dyker Beach Playground, Brooklyn, NY

Once again well over 100 players were in attendance for the 1 Wall Juniors. Mike Watson and MAHA hosted this USHA tournament at Dyker Playground in Brooklyn.

The third time was the charm for Jonathan Iglesias. Jonathan has been competing in the 19 and under for 3 years and this year not only made it to the championships but slammed in both the singles and the doubles. After pulling away from his regular partner Ron Flores in the singles finals Jonathan and partner Jurell Bastidas defeated Flores and his new partner Anderson Pelaez. Game one was very tight with Flores and Pelaez serving at 19-17. However they could not hold the lead losing 21-19. In game two under threatening sky with thunder and lightning looming Iglesias and Basitidas took a huge lead at 19-5 only to have Flores and Pelaez mount a charge. However it was too little and too late as Iglesias and Bastidas held on to win 21-14.

In the 17 and under doubles Danny Chan and Andres Vigo had the title in their grasp winning 10-0 in the tiebreaker but were unable to hold the lead. In the next service inning Chris Miranda and Andres Calle took charge of the game serving out to win 11-10!

Photo is Mary Fung on the left and Stephanie Liu on the right. Mary is the 15 and under Girls champion. & Boys Champion Jonathan Iglesias.

Congratulations to all in attendance.
Gary Cruz
United States Handball Association Youth Development Coordinator


Jon played great at the one-wall junior nationals. You were able to see the determination in Jon's eyes as he went for every ball. You also have to give credit to his opponent Ronald Flores for upsetting the # 2 and 3 seeds on his road to the final match. In the end it seemed that Jonathan wanted it more. The doubles matches were very entertaining. The semifinal match between Jon Iglesias/Jurell Bastidas and Tiankin Li/Sammy Nguyen had the best rally of the day with all four players diving and and making incredible gets. The other semifinal match was a nail-biter with Ronald Flores/Anderson Pelaez edging out Stan Zavoyskiy/Tyree Bastidas 21-20 21-20. 15 year old Tyree Bastidas held his own in the 19 & under doubles. Jon is eligible for the junior events at the 4-wall nationals but he will be 20 by the 3-wall juniors.

by Victor LoPierre


Boys 19 and under Open Singles-Prelim.-Thomas Chin d. John Melonik, Round Of 16-Jonathan Iglesias d. Abel Guan, Oscar Cruz d. Danny Chan, Anderson Pelaez d. Winston Shek, Emmanuel Fuentez d. Michael Simo, Stan Zavoyskiy d. Chris Vera, Addita Kittikhoun d. Ken Marin, Ron Flores d. Byron Bunay, Jurell Bastidas d. Chin. Round Of 8- Iglesias d. Cruz, Pelaez d. Fuentez, Zavoyskiy d. Kittihoun, Flores d. Bastidas.  Semifinals- Iglesias d. Pelaez, 8, 11, Flores d. Zavoyskiy (13), 3, 6. Finals-Iglesias d. Flores, 12, 8.

Boys 19 and under A Singles-Prelim.-Christopher Hyland d. Tim Hui, Jimmy Wong d. Kevin Wu, Danny Chan d. Sammy Nguyen, Michael Cymry d. Steven Leonard. Round of 8-Tiankan Li d. Hyland, Winston Cheong d. Wong, Kenny Maldonado d. Chan, Edgar Duche d. Cymry. Semifinals-Li d. Cheong, 5, 2, Duche d Maldonado, 19, 19.  Finals-Li d. Duche, 3, (14), 7.

Boys 17 and under Open Singles-Prelim.- Eric Ha d. Randy Rojas, Davod Stanojev d. Michael Carbajal, William Huozheo d. Michael Wu, Vlad Klym d. William Ng,  Armando Juca d. Rolando Ramirez, Alex Gavryushenko d. Anthony Parada, Alex Gavryushenko d. Anthony Parada, John Mantilla d. Andy Acosta, Angel Marias d. Lewis Eillnueva, Luis Rodriquez d. Antonio Intal, Jonathan Galarzo d. Matt Wong, Andre Calle d. Ariel Viera, Bob Chin d. Ricardo Rodriquez, John Melonik d. David Liu.  Round of 16-Jonathan Camacho d. Gary Chang, Ha d. Stanojev, Huozheo d. Juca, Gavryushenko d Klym, Mantilla d. Galarzo, Calle d. Chin, Mike Leung d. Melonik. Round of 8-Camacho d. Ha, Huozheo d. Gavyushenko, Mantilla d. Galarzo, Leung d. Calle. Semifinals-Camacho d. Huozheo, 8, 4, Leung d. Mantilla, 18, 5.  Finals-Leung d. Camacho 10, 18.

Boys 17 and under A Singles-Prelim.-Ivan Yang d. Alex Tam, Vlad Kylm d. Ayoosh Pareek, Frank Yeung d. Joseph Rios, Henry Yu d. Matt Wong, Jonathan Davilla d. Eric Yue, Ben Tang d. Alvin Yee. Round of 16-Eric Tan d. Yang, Kenny Maldonado d. Aaron Echevarria, Klym d. Saul Gonzales, Ben Leung d. Davilla, Yeung d. Anthony Medina, Yu d. Bryan Bastallo, Chris Crespo d. Jonathan Meono, James Ham d. Tang.  Round of 8-Yang d. Maldonado, Leung d. Klym, Yu d. Yeung, Crespo d. Ham.  Semifinals-Leung d. Yang, 14, 10, Yu d. Crespo (forfeit).  Final-Leung d. Yu, 15, 10.

Boys 15 and under Singles-Prelim.-David Kendell d. Manuel Dominguez, Brian Ng d. Joel Santiago, Michael Olarty d. Walter Sol, Round of 16-Tyree Bastidas d. Kendell, Anthony Wong d. David Chu, Anthony Parada d. Alvin Ng, Brian Ng d. Kevin Dong, Michael Olarty d. Alex Lau, Chris Toland d. John Mattia, Anial Jethanankani d James Liu, John Loubriel d. Garcia. Roound of 8-Bastidas d. Wong, Parada d. Ng, Olarty d. Toland, Jethanankani d. Loubriel.  Semifinals-Bastidas d Parada, 3, 8, Olarty d. Jethanankani, 14, 10. Finals-Bastidas d. Olarty, 13, 5.

Boys 13 and under Singles-Joshua Garcia d. Joseph Boo.

Girls 19 and under Singles-Prelim-Kelly Ng d. Alen Yoo.  Round of 8-Carla Cruz d. Ng, Miriam Alcocer d. Jenny Hui, Pearl Sampson d. Jane Chan, Quasia Watson d. Jenny Cheng.  Semifinals-Cruz d. Alcocer, 19, 7, Watson d. Sampson, 14, 10. Finals-Watson d. Cruz, 7, 0.

Girls 17 and under Singles-Prelim.-Kelly Ng d. Anna Ng, Stephanie Liu d. Jenny Chu, Jenny Chen d. Fanny Ruan, Alen Yoo d. Benek Kandaz, Samantha Tan d. Gaby Mendoza.  Round of 8-Sarah Au d. Ng, Chen d Liu, Jane Chen d. Yoo, Connie Chan d. Tan. Semifinals-Au d. Chen, 0, 11, Chen d. Chan, 9, 11.  Finals-Au d. Chen, 14, 8.

Girls 15 and under Singles-Prelim-Fanny Ruan d. Diana Yim, Amy Li d. Raquel Garcia, Stephanie Liu d. Samantha Tan.  Round of 8-Mary Fung d. Ruan, Anne Huang d. Connie Fung, Marty Chen d. Li, Liu d. Janet Yuan. Semifinals-Fung d. Huang, 8, 1, Liu d. Li, 14, 17.  Finals-Fung d. Liu, 8, 4.

Boys 19 and under Doubles- Prelim-Jurell Bastidas /Jon Iglesias d. Byron Bunay / Ken Marin, Jimmy Chan/Andres Vigo d. Michael Simo/Eric Ha, Tiankan Li / Sammy Nguyen d. Kenny Maldonado / Chris Miranda, Michael Cymry / Edgar Duche  d. Abel Guan / Edward Cheung, Tyree Bastidas / Stan Zavoyskiy d. Saul Gonzalez / Chris Santiago, Addita Kittikhoun/Thomas Chin d. Chris Hyland/Chris Zuniga, Jimmy Wong/Michael Wu d.Emmanuel Fuentez/Oscar Cruz.  Round of 8-Ron Flores/Anderson Pelaez d.Wong/Wu, Bastidas/Zavoyiskiy d. Kittikhoun/Chin, Li/Nguyen d Cymry/Duche, Bastidas/Iglesias d. Chan/Vigo.  Semifinals-Flores/Pelaez d. Bastidas/Zavoyiskiy, 20, 20, Bastidas/Iglesias d. Li/Nguyen, 6, 11.  Finals-Bastidas/Iglesias d. Flores/Pelaez, 19, 14.              

Boys 17 and under Doubles- Round of 16-Jonathan Camacho / Mike Leung d James Ham/Chris Crespo, William Huozheo / Jonathan Davila d. Joshua Maldonado/Frank Toland, Yeung/Ng d No Show, Andre Calles / Chris Miranda d. Ricardo Rodriguez / Luis Rodriguez, Benedict Tang / Henry Yu d. Bryan Basallo / Jonathan Medina, Jimmy Chang/Andres Vigo d. Benjamin Leung / Eric Tan, Alex Gavryushenko / Gary Chang d. Ayoosh Pareek / Alvin Yee, Jonathan Galarza / John Mantilla d. David Lu / Matt Wong. Round of 8-Huozheo/Davilla d. Camacho/Leung, Calle/Miranda d.Yeung/Ng, Chan/Vigo d. Tang/Yu, Galarza/Mantilla d. Gavryushenko/Chang.  Semifinals-Calle/Miranda d. Huozheo/Davilla, 12, 15, Chan/Vigo d. Mantillo/Galarza.(15), 20, 8 Finals: Miranda/Calle d. Chan/Vigo, 12, (14), 10.

Boys 15 and under Doubles- Prelim-Brian Ng/Alvin Ng d. Alex Lau/Kenny Dong, Semifinals: John Luv Deep Lobrial/Singh d. James Liu/Anthony Wong, 1, 12, Michael Olarte/Anthony Parada d. Ng/Ng, 12, 14.  Finals: Olarty/Parada d. Loubriel/Singh, 18, 12.

Girls Doubles-round of 8-Carla Cruz/Jane Chen d. Pearl Sampson/Wan, Daisy Chen/Sara Wei, d. Amy Li/Connie Fung, Sarah Au/Jenny Hui d. Anne Huang/Ann Ng, Mirian Alcocer/Quasia Watson d. Mary Fung/Connie Chan, Semifinals: Cruz/Chen d. Chan/Wei, 9, 7, Au/Hui d Alcocer/Watson, 15, (18), 9. Finals: Cruz/Chan d. Au/Hui, 8, 14.


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