Kavon's Benefit Tournament

Group shot by Jai Ragoo

Results - Our Little Cat in the Hat, is Having a Pick Out of the Hat Tournament - In Honor of KAVON "Big Blue Doubles" - Saturday, October 25th, 2003 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY The Tournament was in honor of "Kavon" Sydell Smith and Kendell Lewis's son, who has been diagnosed with Cancer. Sydell and Kendell are both accomplished Handball players and part of New York City’s close nit Handball scene.

Left to right Bernice Torres, Howie Joyner, Jeff
Davidson, Tony Roberts, Jason Samuels, and Brenda Pares

The tournament was a major success, which raised over $4,000. All entree fees went towards a donation for this good cause, other donations came from spectators and anonymous caring people throughout the city. The event was coordinated by Brenda Pares and Bernice Torres. With successful events like this it shows that the sport of One-Wall Handball is now making a positive impact on our society.

Participants came from all over New York not knowing who they were playing with, because it was not about winning today…it was about doing something good for good people.  “Kavon” who is 3 years old and his family could use support in these rough times. It was a pick your partner out of the hat tournament, with stronger teams giving weaker teams points to make things even. It was a fun tournament where people made new friends and shared lunch on this fall day. Pro players who participated today were National champion Tony Roberts, Coney Island legend Joe Durso, and National doubles champion PeeWee Castro. Some of the match ups were very interesting and competitive, with male and female players ranging from 15-60 years old.

In the finals it was Tony Roberts (Queens) and Jason Samuels (Long Island) vs. Jeff Davidson and Howie Joyner (Brooklyn) This match was very entertaining considering these players never played with each other before. Pro player Tony Roberts and Jason Samuels had their hands full going against the experience of Jeff Davidson and a diving 6’6” Howie Joyner. Jeff and Howie were playing very well taking turns killing the ball. Then Tony Roberts took over and starting making points. This match was close throughout, each hoping to take home the trophies. Tied up at 18-18 it really got interesting, and then at 20-20 Jason hit a killer which gave them the serve. Jason served and Tony Roberts hit a game winning killer in the left corner. Roberts/Samuels defeated Davidson/Joyner 21-20.

Jason Samuels from Long Island decided to enter his 1st tournament after reading the information about “Kavon” on the HandballCity.com website. When he woke up this morning he knew he was supporting a good cause, but picking the National Champion out of the hat, and winning the tournament….now that’s priceless. On a day where the NY Yankees lost the World Series…the sport of Handball shined.