What a spectacular day for a handball tournament, after a rough week of bad weather; the skies literally lit up for this wonderful occasion to honor and commemorate one of our own handball players. Eddie “Tito” Jimenez, pasted-away at the age of 37, less than 2weeks ago. On this day March 28th, 2004. We all came together to pay tribute to a man, a friend, a brother, a son, a father and a husband. We all knew Tito loved this game of ours we call handball, and he’s been a player for many years, form playing Big-Blue at Jordan Park against Allentown’s Elite Players, to playing with the new younger generation at Jordan Meadows at Gordon & American Plaza Pkwy, To playing Small-ball with the older gents at Alton Park, plus the Maryland Invitational and the Open Pro-Am Competition in New York. Most players had the pleasure of playing with and against him at one time or another, He  was a gentleman on as well as off the courts, and as he embedded his seed into his two younger son’s; Lil Tito and Steven, teaching them the fundamentals of the game, I can sure enough see that they’re going to grow up to be great players just like their Dad.                Read More

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