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photo by Aaron Olivo

"BIG BLUE" - The NYC Handball Documentary.      Directed by Justin Sullivan

Movie Review by James Russo, Handball City

Being an advent Handball player and fan of this sport, I had very high expectations walking into the movie theater. Expectations so high, that I might be disappointed. I wanted Big Blue Handball to be portrayed correctly in this film. I think many of the handball players who showed up for the screening felt the same way.

The world premier for this film had no red carpets or movie stars. It did have the most exciting players of one-wall Big Blue Handball and fans of this great city sport. NYU's Cantor Film Center was sold out for the fist time in its history for a documentary. This showed much support for a sport that usually gets no respect.

Once the movie started I could not even turn my head from the screen, it was like a magnet. The movie blended humor and street culture very well. It also gave some insight on the history of Big Blue Handball. The movie focused on the top players of this sport, John "Rookie" Wright, Angel Marquez, Buddy Gantt, and Joe Durso. It also showed highlights of some great handball games, and many other players who play this sport. The great thing about this film is I felt I was there; the director captured the raw intensity of this game. He also showed some of the negative things of this sport, like gambling and arguing. This was important that he did not leave any stones untouched. Remember this is a documentary not a promotional vice for this sport. My expectations were met and then some. Justin Sullivan put a lot of work into this film. With this effort he is helping the sport of Big Blue Handball gain popularity.

I sat in my chair and wished this film would never end. When the film ended, it ended in smiles, and a standing ovation. I give the New York City Big Blue Handball Documentary 5 stars. ***** I look forward to seeing other works of creativity by Director Justin Sullivan in the future.

"Big Blue" won best debut at the New York Short Film & Video Expo.

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