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CISCO’S 1ST CLASSIC was a complete success.  First I would like to thank God for providing the beautiful whether and second a big thanks extended to my sponsor AAA VENDING CO. One of the first tournaments that was, not only well organized but also it was peaceful and fast pace.  It was full of “B” players from all boroughs; even Philly and Florida showed up.  We had at least four to five teams favorite to win the whole tournament.  Henry and Snuka were one team.  Rob and Jimmy were another team, Milton and Lefty Angel was another strong team, Bucky and Jerry was another strong team.  They had won the last “B” tournament in Bronx Park east last year.  Carlos and Gullon were a pretty strong team of its own.  Those were my favorites to win the tournament.  On paper these guys should have breezed through this tournament and battled with each other until there is only one champ left.  Unfortunately, three of my on paper favorite teams to win had an encounter with the upset kids from castle hill and 127.  Mack and Eric the surprise of my tournament.  After doing the draw out of the bag to see who plays who these guys drew the toughest first round game of the first round by playing Rob and Jimmy.  After a well fought battle and a grueling match Mack and Eric pulled of the first upset of the tournament.  The first round had a few more upsets, just not of the magnitude of the one the upset kids pulled off.  Fonzie and Will two local kids that really never join tournaments played the two veterans Ritchie and Ruben. Fonzie and Will pulled it off in stunning fashion to surprise all of us and live to survive another round.  Rey and Rick a last minute match, they both showed up with out partners and I paired them together because I wanted Rey to have an okay partner.  Even though Rick is a miss hit waiting to happen he was the only good thing out there for little Rey.  They found instant chemistry when they beat a good team of Cricket and Santos; again we were all surprised.   Other than those games the first round flowed very smoothly and it was done in an hour and a half.  Having four courts running made the tournament flow quickly.  Before we knew it the second round had started and guess who was in the mixed for another battle.  The upset kids were at it again and this time against the tough team of Bucky and Jerry.  This was if not the best, the second best game of the whole tournament.  The upset kids jumped on them to gain an early big lead, as we know Bucky is not going out with out a fight.   Bucky and his partner engineered a great comeback but it was not enough to overcome the big mouth of Mack and the unusual left-hand killers of Eric, who played awesome.  Once again the upset kids send a good team home.  Philly was in the house too.  Wally and little Carlos played great in the tournament.  They bumped into Milton and Angel, a very strong team.  After battling in a tough valley Angel pulled a hamstring and had to pull him self out of the tournament leaving Milton by him self with out a partner.  After consulting with all the teams that were alive in the tourny. I allowed this big guy named coach to finish the game with Milton but the Philly kids were too much for them beating them 21-18.  The second round was almost over and already three of the on paper favorites were gone thanks to the upset kids and the Philly guys.  All that was left was Henry and Snuka, Carlos and his partner and a surprise of the tournament.  Ernest and Anthony, a non handball player that showed up without a partner and I paired him up with a good B player so he can have a chance and here they are alive and kicking.  White boy John and Mexican Victor was another good team and they played Alex and Mario beating them to advance to the next round.  After the second round was done there were seven teams and I had to do another draw.  Anthony and Ernest had to play Wally and little Carlos, John and Victor had to play Rick and Rey and the upset kids Mack and Eric had to battle it out with Carlos and his partner.  Like we did not’t need any more controversy added to the tournament.  Henry and Snuka got the bye out of the seven teams.  To my defense I drew in front of all the players alive and I was not’t the one pulling the papers out.  The luck of the draw is the luck of the draw.  Ernest and Anthony beat the Philly guys on a real close battle.  Wally seemed a bit unfocused and was worried a bit too much about the line judges, so I did not think he was himself and poor little Carlos tried his best but he could not survive.  John and Victor which as I mentioned came down from Florida that same morning to play.  Showed up without a partner and I paired him with John.  Good for him because they played good together to beat Rey and Rick to make it to the semi-finals.  The third and final game of the quarterfinals was who else but the upset kids.  Even though there was a lot a yelling and arguing between them selves, they pulled another unexpected victory over Carlos and his partner to advance to the Semi finals and face the only team of the on paper favorites. The upset kids basically got rid of all the dangerous teams and there was only one more hurdle to overcome.   Unfortunately, the hurdle of Henry and Snuka was a bit too high and the upset kids had such a tough road behind them that they were tired and could not compete like they had wanted too.  Henry and Snuka beat them to advance to the finals.  If I may add that not only were the upset kids tired, they had to play a fresh team of Henry and Snuka that got the easiest draw in tournament history.   Hey luck is luck, but when they were tested they responded.  The other semi final was a long and agonizing one which Ernest and Anthony pulled off to the surprise of every one there watching the game.  The finals are set for Henry and Snuka against the team that was not even supposed to survive maybe two rounds Anthony and Ernest.  Other than some disrespectful words towards the ref from Anthony, which cost his team a point in a crucial point of the game, the finals was a very good game.  First Anthony and Ernest looked like they were going to fly away with it with a 10-5 early lead.  Then came Henry and Snuka to take the lead for good and win the game 25-21 becoming the Champions of Cisco’s 1st Classic.  In second place we had Ernest and Anthony, congratulations to them.  Big congratulations and all respect to the upset kids Mack and Eric, which captured a damn well earned third place.  Other than the little incident in the last game the tournament was a complete success and I want to thank every one that showed up to support and play in my first tournament.  A huge thanks to all the players that came and played in my classic and were not fortunate enough to win.  Hopefully the very nice Cisco’s Classic T-shirts that every one got is of some consolation to you guys.   To all, thanks for coming and I hope that you support my next one, which will be on July 20th, 2002. Any questions call  CISCO at 646-281-7030

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 My whole point of throwing the tournament was to bring back the fairness to the game.  Something that has been taken away by some people that throw tournaments the last couple of years.  What I mean is, if there is a “B” tournament, it should be for “B” players only.  There are a few top “B” players almost “A” that try to slide into those tournaments.  The people throwing the tournament will ask the players in front of the individuals whether they should let them in or not.  Since not a lot of players want to look like they are scared they let the “A” player in when deep inside they know that they should have not but their egos would not let them say no, don’t let them play.  I took it upon my self to pick who I thought was an “A” or “-A” and I put no one in an uncomfortable spot.  The person throwing the tournament should know who is who and they should take responsibility in saying no to those players that are trying to be slick.  If I’m wrong by wanting to give the “B” players a chance to win their own tournaments, so be it.  All I know is that not one person complained in my tournament and every single player complemented how organized the tournament was being thrown.  Thank you and I will see you at the next one on JULY 20TH 2002, Cisco’s 2nd Classic.  By Cisco Aponte