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Please help us spread one-wall Handball worldwide.

In the last month alone steps are being taken in building one-wall Handball courts in Vermont, USA and Seoul, Korea.

Also the construction of 3-wall courts are in the works in Boise, Idaho, USA.

If you love the sport of Handball you must do your part in helping with it's popularity, do not wait for others. You should expose new players to this game, friends and family.

If you have contacts in other cities around the world, make good use of them. Tell them about this action packed sport, you just might get them interested enough so they will want to build courts.

If you need plans for building 1-wall Handball courts we will provide them free of charge. If you need help with writing a proposal for your presentation please let us know.

Jimmy Russo - HandballCity.com

If the sport of Handball does become popular, it will receive much more attention from the media. If it is played in other cities around the world we will have many different athletes with their own playing styles. One-Wall Handball would become an Olympic sport one day. We would have great competitions, and sponsors will want to get more involved with Handball. With sponsors comes bigger prize money and better athletes. It would be nice to turn on the Television and watch a Handball game.

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