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Michael Watson's coverage of the one wall
exposition at the 2002 Four Wall Junior Nationals.

The Boys 19 & Under or was it?
Sean Lenning breathed a sigh of relief when he heard that Victor
LoPierre had knocked off the “Boy Killer” Courtney Peixoto in the
semi's.This game set up the much anticipated match between Victor and Sean.
They did not disappoint.
Both Sean and Victors road to the finals was uneventful, so the game
started a little slow.
Lenning started the first game on the attack , going for strong cross
court serves and aiming for the base of the wall at every opportunity.
Punching the ball with great skill.
Victor was playing a little tight,
Sean took the first game fairly easily.
The second game shaped up with Victor remembering how to play one wall
and putting Sean on the defense. Sean's intense desire to win at all
times showed with numerous dives attempting to play balls out of his
Victor takes the second game.
Throughout the whole match the difference was Sean's retrievals of more
then a few very good passing shots by Victor.
The third game was the more savvy player Sean taking the play to his
opponent and winning once again fairly easily.

The Boys 16 & under
John Lau from NYC has to go to Chicago to win in One Wall. John faced
Ryan Bowler and won in straight games.
Ryan had played a match the day before against the MVP of the Division
Jerome Willoughby.
Jerome had completed a 10 point come back the round before and was
attempting to do the same against Ryan. Holding Ryan at game point 4
times before the end.
The frustration level of both boys was very hard to watch but made
somehow easier by the competitive nature of both boys.
They came to play as we say in New York.

Boys 13 & Under
Sam Cass and Evan Brown put on quite a show, with Evan winning the first
game 21 -20, Sam then turns around to take the second game 21-18.
With both boys looking like One Wall Pro's (corner kills and lobs to the
long line )
The third game was just as hard fought with Sam taking it 11-9
Both boys were very pleasant to watch and I am happy to have met them.
Evan should get a special note here as he Refereed several games the
whole tournament and never said No anytime he was asked to help out.
The two boys were the class of the division and also Partners in the 13
& Under four wall event.

Girls 13 & Under
S H A U N A says it all. The little buzz saw from Ireland was two much
for any of the 7 girls who entered the division.
Stephanie Makos a new player to the game put up a great fight but in the
end Miss Hilley was crowned Champ.

The Boys 9 & under
We are in Chicago, so that means where not in Kansas anymore. Indeed I
felt as if I was in the land of Oz, while watching the nine boys play
in the 9 & under.
The stand outs where Brant Bidegain (champion) and Keith Kavanagh
(runner up). These two put on a fine show and represented the Lollipop
guild very well.

All kidding aside it was a pleasure to watch all the Young ones play and
The future is bright for Handball.

I must say that I was taken a back by the inclusion of the one wall
exposition at the Four Wall Junior Nationals. I thought it was a bad
idea at first but have since come to realize that I was wrong.
With more then haft of the 130 Juniors entering the one wall.
9 in the boy 9 & Under, 11 in the boys 13 & under, 24 in the boys 16 &
under,16 in the boys 19 & Under and 7 girls in the 13 & Under. Total
that and you get 67.
I must say that with only 4 courts and many of the players still live in
their four wall events setting up the games was difficult at times.
Not once did I here a complaint about playing back to back games, they
were there to have fun and fun they had.
Oh, I had fun as well and is that not what it is all about.

By Michael F. Watson