NHA - National Handball Association Preview

Photos taken by Jimmy Russo at the 2004 USHA National Championships at Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

The NHA - National Handball Association - is a Pro One-Wall Handball Association. NHA has become a global phenomenon that transcends national boundaries. The league has captured the public's imagination with the world's greatest athletes playing the sport of  one-wall Handball at the highest level of competition.

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National Handball Association
Pro one-wall Handball league
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NHA - Pro Handball
Handball Action at its best, join our team. Currently it is the most popular sport in New York City, and spreading rapidly across the East Coast. The sport is played sporadically around the world.
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HandballCity.com - website promoting the sport of Handball with 20,000 visitors a month. Updated News, Tournaments, Photos, discussion, Chat. Handball City the facility...looking for locations for players to play in the off season indoors.  Quote "if its not listed on HandballCity.com its not happening.
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Be a part of the future, Invest in the NHA. Pro Handball has unlimited growth in an untapped market.
NHA - National Handball Association TM
Pro Handball Association with many concepts for the future of One-Wall Handball.
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Get involved with the biggest tournament the sport has ever seen.
Xtreme Handball  TM
"New York City's Most Extreme Sport" TM  Xtreme Handball is a new type of Handball played with a Super pumped up Big Blue Handball.
Our Network
Handball innovations, HandballCity.com, Xtreme Handball, Monsters of Handball, NHA, and HBC Tools.
Monsters of Handball TM
The Video game and Comic book. Currently in early stages of development.
We can link companies to Pro players for endorsement deals. Our Team also has affiliations with many of the major organizations involved in the sport of handball.


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Handball related products, Clothing line, Video Production, Photos, Trading Cards. Seminars promoting and teaching Handball.
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Cool Handball gear, T-shirts, shorts, and gloves. Coming soon.
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You may invest in one of our growing divisions or all. We are flexible and open to many different arrangements. We can also show you a presentation.   Contact Us