Results - 2005 YMCA National One-wall Championships, December 10-11th, 2005 - McBurney YMCA, 125 West 14th St (between 6th & 7th Aves.), Manhattan, NY

New Handball website -  The C.P.Q. International Handball & Paddleball Association Their mission is to draw attention to the national and international interest in these sports at all levels of competition and learning widening the awareness of techniques of the game and increasing the number of participants in championships under the one and only goal: "to develop healthy bodies with healthy minds".

Special Collector's Edition Scooby Doo Comic Book from the New York Post Newspaper. The comic book was included in the Tuesday November 22nd, 2005 NY Post.  The cover contains Scooby Doo driving a race car...with his hand on the stick shift. The stick shift looks like a Big Blue Handball. This might be a subliminal way of promoting Handball. When some co-workers noticed the comic book in the newspaper....they came running into my office yelling Scooby Doo is Playing Handball. The comic book is for sale on use the Ebay link in the HandballCity Shopping section.


Results - Garfield Park Handball Tournament - Sunday November 13th, 2005 - Garfield Courts, Hollywood, FL

Preliminary round - Tony Roberts/Dave Rojas d. Macho/Rick 21-6, PeeWee Castro/Willie Polanco d. BJ Fludd/Corinne ? 21-7

Quarterfinals - Tony Roberts/Dave Rojas d. Walter Bargas/Alex ? 21-12, David Rodriguez/Cesar Sala d. Kenny Florio/Carlos ? 21-18, Victor Ortiz/Jose “Joe Spidey” Reyes d. Oscar DeJesus/Robert Sostsre 21-19, PeeWee Castro/Willie Polanco d. Joe Malkis/Pete Pelligrini 21-20
Semifinals - Rodriguez/Sala d. Roberts/Rojas 21-17, Castro/Polanco d. Ortiz/Reyes 21-19
Final - Due to rain the finalists decided to split the $600 purse. PeeWee and Willie were leading 13-10.


Results - $25,000.00 1st place Miami Blue Ball National Championship Open Doubles - Saturday November 12th, 2005 - Flamingo Park, Miami, FL   Semi-finals: John "Rookie" Wright/Lefty Henry Santiago defeated PeeWee Castro/Willie Polanco 21-10, Ray Lopez/Ervin Irizarry defeated Tony Roberts/Dave Rojas 21-16. In the Finals it was John "Rookie" Wright/Henry Santiago defeating Ray Lopez/Ervin Irizzary 25-9.

Coverage of the November 12th, 2005 - $25,000 Miami Big Blue Open Doubles will be posted here!!!   Please check back throughout the day for updates...thanks to Albert Apuzzi for covering the event for   Good luck to all the participants.

Rumors - Rumor has it that if the Miami Tournament finishes on Saturday, there might be a Handball tournament at the Garfield Street Courts, Hollywood Beach, Florida on Sunday.

Interactive Photo - Grant Park Handball Courts - click and drag on photo to zoom in.

Results - $12,000 (WOOOW) World Outdoor Open One-Wall Doubles Paddleball Tournament - November 5-6th, 2005 - The Historic Garfield Street Courts, Hollywood, FL.  Sponsored by South Kearny Truck Repair Center, Florida Truck Center, & CPQ Freight System. Handball superstar Robert Sostre and partner Andy Here take 1st place and cash prizes of $5,000, cash prizes also went to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place. Check out the unofficial web site of the Historic Garfield Street Paddleball Courts at Hollywood Beach, Florida.    check out Albert Apuzzi's photos of the event here!!!!

NEW - USHA Handball BLOG!!! Interesting 1, 3, & 4 Wall Handball information.

Results - USHA Men's & Women's Pro Singles & Invitational Handicap Doubles - Sunday October 30th, 2005 - H.E.S., Brooklyn, NY

by Albert Apuzzi

In the quarters the matches went as expected. Robert Sostre took a 22-21 lead, after trailing 20-14, before falling 25-23 to Milton Jones. In the semis Satish, who had lost the last singles tournament, wasn’t taking any chances as he blitzed Milton 25-2, while PeeWee blew a 13-10 lead and fell 25-16 to Rookie. The final was all business. Jagnandan started strong and never looked back as he kept Rookie from scoring double digits.

ROUND OF 16 - Stan Zavoyskiy d. Paulie Angel 20, Milton Jones d. Anderson Peleaz 11, PeeWee Castro d. Cristobal Ramos 7, Alvaro Rebaza d. Jesus Ayala no show, Alan Sanchez d. Steven Moeller 9
QUARTERFINALS - Satish Jagnandan d. Stan Zavoyskiy 6, PeeWee Castro d. Alvaro Rebaza 12, Milton Jones d. Robert Sostre 23 Rookie Wright d. Alan Sanchez 11
SEMIFINALS - Jagnandan d. Jones 2, Wright d. Castro 16
FINAL - Jagnandan d. Wright 9

Satish received $400 and Rookie got $200. The tournament operated at a loss of approximately $375.

Congratulations to Max Rivkin on his promotion to Activities Director and to Moshit Paskal for her promotion to Program Director.


by Artie Fuchs

An Invitational Doubles tournament was held at the H.E.S. which is the indoor back-up facility for the USHA National One-wall Championships.

The final pitted Rene Caraballo and Armando Duchesne versus Stephen Nuding and Alvaro Rebaza. The game was nip and tuck until Rene’s serve and off the wall game and Armando’s steadiness proved to much as they prevailed 25-15. The champions split $300 and the runners-up split $200.

ROUND OF 16 - Ray Clark/Mike Grabowski d. Adam Blittner/Anderson Peleaz 12, Ron Pescatore/Pete Stefano d. Hugo Camacho/Stu Kirzner 19, Steve Nuding/Alvaro Rebaza d. Joe Amacio/Stan Zavoyskiy 18, Jim Martini/Rob Robinson d. Anthony D’Auria/Sammy Nguyen 9, Sal Catuadella/David Sheldon d. Paulie Angel/Jim LoNano 24, Alan Sanchez/Felix Zilberbrand d. John Murdoch/Cristobal Ramos 20, Elliot Nadel/Dwayne Sampson d. Joe Heins/Al Weinstein 19, Rene Caraballo/Armando Duchesne d. Argenis Chong/Rich Kocher 9
QUARTERFINALS - Clark/Grabowski d. Pescatore/Stefano 9, Nuding/Rebaza d. Martini/Robinson 13, Sanchez/Zilberbrand d. Cataudella/Sheldon 15, Caraballo/Duchesne d. Nadel/Sampson 11
SEMIFINALS - Nuding/Rebaza d. Clark/Grabowski 18, Caraballo/Duchesne d. Sanchez/Zilberbrand 12
FINAL - Caraballo/Duchesne d. Nuding/Rebaza 15



Results - Annual Three-Wall Tournament - Saturday October 22nd, 2005 - Roosevelt Park, San Jose, CA    The Open Doubles winners were Felix Osorio & Francisco Magdalene. 2nd Place Angel & Rudy Gallegos. Angel captured the singles championship by defeating Cisco.

Interesting Robots - Sony Robots going through an incredible Japanese Dance routine - Can they be programmed to play Handball???

Results - "B" Doubles - Saturday October 15th, 2005 - West 4th Street Courts, NYC    "Killer Joe Strikes Again!!!"  Killer Joe teams up with Giovanni Vasquez and leaves all competition under 12 points. They breezed through the entire tournament and easily defeated Lifeguard Eddie Crespo and Jason "The Whip" in the finals. Giovanni Vasquez moves a step closer to becoming an "A" player. Gio should have been given his "A" player card at the end of the 2005 season, since he has won so many "A/B" and "B" tournaments this year. In an interview after the tournament... Killer Joe said "I don't think I've ever played so consistent. I don't even remember hitting a ball out the entire tournament, and having a great partner like Gio helps out a lot. I let Gio run around on the weak side and I cleaned up the mess most of the time. I think I like this tournament stuff!! Next year is my year!!" coordinated by BJ Fludd

Results - $10,000 1st place Interstate Mixed Doubles - Saturday September 24th, 2005 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY. Sponsored by South Kearny Truck Repair Center, Florida Truck Center, and CPQ Freight Systems. PHOTOS, ARTICLES, FULL RESULTS

Big Handball Money Draws Players Back To Competition - October 2nd, 2005 - With an upcoming $25,000 November 12th Tournament in Miami, and a rumored $55,000 March tournament where the winners will also get cars.  New York City's best kept secret may soon break mainstream. Players all over are starting to look at the sport of one-wall Handball in a different light. In the past, played primarily for leisure and small recognition, may now change some of the star players lives. The large cash prizes are providing an added  incentive for players to come out of retirement, and start competing in tournaments again. In fact one of Brooklyn's most fiercest competitors Humberto Baez is returning to the sport after a 5 year layoff. The last time he played in a tournament was in the 2000 Big Blue Citywide Championships where he came in 2nd place in the Men's Open Singles. After almost defeating the best player John "Rookie" Wright, and achieving most of his Handball goals,  Humberto had decided to spend more time with his family and become the best dad possible. After he viewed the September 24th $10,000 Mixed Doubles at Coney Island he said he was coming back and looking to be a force in future tournaments. Humberto's doubles partner is Ray Lopez, many will remember back in the 90's at Zerega's Annual Indoor Handball Tournament, Bronx, NY, where Ray Lopez and Humberto Baez (playing with a broken right arm in a cast..just using his left hand) made it to the Semi-Finals. Look out this may be the team to beat in 2006.

Results - CISCO'S CLASSIC #5 "B" DOUBLES - Saturday October 2nd, 2005 - Castle Hill Park (P.S. 127), Bronx, NY  1st Place: Wild Man Rick Montalvo and Bernie from (Arthur & Tremont) $225 and a Trophy each, 2nd Place: Erbo and Edwin from (187th & Arthur Ave., Little Italy), (Cisco's original home courts) received $90 dollars and a trophy each, 3rd Place: Angel Teron and Lenny (Human Racquet) received Trophy and entry
fees back. Everyone was talking about how nice coordinator Cisco Aponte's prizes were, instead of giving out the normal style trophies, he had some off the hook Nationals type of plates, they were beautiful...Silver with Gold trimming...everyone loved them.

A Handball theme exhibition by Arturo Carranza, Arturo is an occasional Handball player at Bailey Park, Bronx, NY his art is now being shown at Hostos Community College only 3 days left. Sept. 7th-Oct. 5th Longwood Art Gallery at Hostos, Hostos Community College/CUNY, 450 Grand Concourse at 149th Street, Bronx, NY 10am-6pm 718-518-6728

Snapple Ice Tea uses Handball in NYC Marketing Campaign - The bus stop ad shows a woman playing Handball, and says... "Champion Handball coach Lovelace helps her students at Boys and Girls High School achieve their goals. Return the favor and shake her hand. Squeeze tight...She can take it."    info by Albert Apuzzi

Results - $10,000 1st place Mixed Doubles - Saturday September 24th, 2005 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY.  More info and photos coming soon!!!

Results - LeeCon Pro One-Wall Singles - Saturday September 17th, 2005 - Jewel Park, Fresh Meadows, Queens, NY

Champion $1,000
Runner-up $200
Semifinalists $100

Thanks to the tournament committee: Jon Lee, Alvarao Rebaza, Ken Ginty and Carl Obert

PRELIMINARY ROUND: Angel Vega d. Muhammed Shakoor 25-15, Kareem Wilkerson d. Gennedy Roteberg 25-7, Anderson Paleaz d. Paul Willaims 25-21
ROUND OF 16: Satish Jagnandan d. Angel Vega 25-3, Alvaro Rebaza d. Stan Zavoyskiy 25-23, Mike Schneider d. Milton Jones 25-24, Yuber “PeeWee” Castro d. Kareem Wilkerson 25-8, Jon Lee d. Victor LoPierre 25-23, Anderson Paleaz d. Robert Sostre forfeit, John “Rookie” Wright d. Raul Retian 25-11, Willie Polanco d. Phong Nguyen forfeit
QUARTERFINALS: Jagnandan d. Rebaza 25-5, Castro d. Schneider 25-6, Lee d. Paleaz 25-10, Wright d. Polanco 25-16
SEMIFINALS: Jagnandan d. Castro 21-16, 21-5, Wright d. Lee 21-13, 21-13
FINAL: Wright d. Jagnandan 6-12, 21-17, 11-7


Results - $15,000 1st place Interstate Handball Tournament - Saturday September 10th, 2005 - Flamingo Park courts, Miami, Florida  In the Finals it was John "Rookie" Wright and Lefty Henry Santiago defeating Robert Sostre and Oscar DeJesus. 1st place winners John "Rookie" Wright & Lefty Henry Santiago $15,000, 2nd place Robert Sostre & Oscar DeJesus $3,000 and 3rd place PeeWee Castro & Willie Polanco $1,500 More info and photos coming soon!!!

Results - Big Blue Open Singles & "B" Doubles - September 10th, 2005 Jewel Park, Fresh Meadows, Queens, NY

Sponsored by Leecon Construction, Inc. 47 players participated in B-doubles and Open Singles. 16 Doubles teams and 15 in singles. Prize money was given out for 1st and 2nd place for both events B-doubles received $500 for 1st place and $100 for 2nd place Singles received $250 for 1st place and $100 for 2nd place

info by Alvaro Rebaza

Round of 16: Phu/Nam d. RJ/Thomas 21-10, Shawn/Kenny d. Jones/Mike 21-18, Justin/Nathan d. Squiggy/Chris 21-14, JQ/Pedro d. Alvaro/Jonathan lee 21-19, Jeffrey/Ely d. Jose/James 21-15, Winston/Christian d. Jay/Larry 21-7, JQ/Pedro d. Fred Larry 21-20

Quarters: Phu/Nam d. John Neckov/Fred 21-17, Shawn/Kenny d. Chris/Gonzalez 21-2, Justin/Nathan d. JQ/Pedro 21-7, Winston/Christian d. Jeffrey/Ely 21-16

Semis: Shawn/Kenny d. Phu/Nam 21-19, Winston/Christian d. Justin/Nathan 21-20

Finals: Winston/Christian d. Shawn/Kenny 21-18

Round of 16: Squiggy d. Chris Irons 21-11, Jonathon Lee d. Nathan Solinsky 21-15, Jones Mike d. Sean Strockyj 21-5, “Killer” Chris Rivas d. Jay Santos 21-11, John Neckov d. Adam Gittlitz 25-21, James d. Peter Lee 21-13, Jose d. Alvaro 21-8, Justin BYE.

Quarters: Squiggy d. Jonathan Lee 21-8, “Killer” Chris Rivas d. Jones Mike 21-14, John Neckov d. James 21-5, Justin d. Jose 21-8.

Semis: “Killer” Chris Rivas d. Squiggy 21-14, Justin d. John Neckov 21-6

Finals: Justin Ritchie d. “Killer” Chris Rivas 21-8

Fund Raiser - For the Victims of Hurricane Katrina & Awards Ceremony - Men's A/B Doubles & Women's Doubles Handicap - September 25th, 2005 - Edison Park, 164th/Grand Central Pkwy, Queens, NY  Trophies for 1st and 2nd place winners, Start time: 10am sharp, Donation: Juniors $10, Adults $20 (If you can afford more, please give more) Make checks or money orders payable to: New York Handball Alliance, PO Box 340466, Jamaica, NY 11434  All donations will be greatly appreciated, Please help us help those that can't help themselves.

The devastation and aftermath of hurricane Katrina is one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history. Death tolls in the thousands, broken families, lost homes, and disease....Many of us watch on TV from the comforts of our homes. If you would like to make a difference click the Red Cross image below, or go directly to the link by clicking here: You may also call by phone at 1-800-HELP-NOW

BLOG - $15,000 1st place Interstate Handball Tournament - Open Doubles, 2nd & 3rd place $$$$ - September 10th-11th  Flamingo Park, Miami, FL    Please share Miami Tournament info with updates when available, post from your cell phone too!!! The Miami Handball Tournament BLOG   Please forward Results and photos to

It was a packed house at West 4th, NYC

Results - "A/B" Doubles - Sunday September 4th, 2005 - West 4th Street Courts, NYC  Semi-Finals: John "Rookie" Wright/Gio "lil Rook" Vasquez d. Willie Polanco/Steve (4th&4th) and Dave Rojas/Larry Dubois d. Eddie "Styles" Santiago/partner? In the Finals it was Rookie/Vasquez defeating Rojas/Dubois 21-8.

Results - "B" Doubles - Saturday September 3rd, 2005 - West 4th Street Courts, NYC In the Finals it was Lenny (Human Racquet) & Angel Teron defeating Darnell Sutton & Armando 21-17.

Results/News - NYC Open 1-Wall Outdoor Racquetball Doubles - August 27th, 2005 - Orchard Beach, Bronx, NY. Handball players take out the competition, winning 21-20 in the Finals. Legend pink ball Handball Champion/Pro Racquetball player Ruben Gonzalez, and National Handball Champion/#1 ranked Paddleball player on the planet Robert "Ice Man" Sostre teamed up to win the Championship.

HBC ChatterBox!!!
Check out the new HandballCity ChatterBox, located on the lower left side of the front of the website. A Chat Box which updates as soon as you post, please spread the word. This unique Chat tool will help you communicate with other players around the world. Also you may find out where the Handball Action will be today or inform others what happened at your park. HBC is not responsible for visitors actions, which may include someone acting as someone other than himself. You must keep in mind that anything you post on the internet is traceable, so please act accordingly. Enjoy the ChatterBox, Jimmy "HBC"

Results - B & B Women's Doubles Handicap - Sunday August 21st, 2005 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY  Brenda and Bernice held their one-day tournament at W5th St and Surf Ave, Brooklyn, NY. The handicaps resulted in many interesting matches and upsets. 14 teams competed in the tournament. In the final Lori Acevedo and Maggie Crespo spotted Cynthia Johnson and Maribel Rodiguez 7 points in a 21 point game. Lori and maggie pulled it out 21-16. Cash awards were given out.
(Maggie Crespo, Maribel Rodriguez, Cynthia Johnson, and Lori Acevedo) photo by Albert Apuzzi


Results - 12th Park Annual "B" Doubles $1,000 - August 13-14th, 2005 - 12th Park, Henry Street and Grand Street, NYC         

The 12th Park (Henry Street) Annual tournament held this past weekend was a success. A total of 50 teams participated in the tournament, this event had to be completed on Sunday due to the weather conditions. In the finals it was PETER QUINONES & GIOVANNI VASQUEZ (Little Rookie) defeating ALLAN SANCHEZ & RONALD FLORES 21-13. Third place was shared between the teams of LARRY DUBOIS & BRANDON DUBOIS  and  PEDRO VARGAS & MICK DEDVUKAJ.

photos by Ziggy Acosta   

Tournament Photo page coming soon!!!

Quarter Finals:
In the quarter finals Allan Sanchez & Ronald Flores defeated Larry Dubois & Brandon Dubois ( 21 13 ). The other match was between Pedro Vargas & Mick Dedvukaj against Giovanni Vasquez & Peter Quinones score was 21 20. Pedro and Mick were so close to pull it off. The Prizes were as follows:
First Place $1,000, Second Place $500, Third Place $200

I would like to thank all of my friends that help us make this tournament a success. Special thanks to FREDERICK LYNCH (Big Fred from West 4th) and Ziggy Acosta and all the players that participated and made this event memorable. This tournament was hosted by Astolfo Cabrera and Jorge Marroquin and sponsored by: Harmon Linder Law Firm,
Case Cash Funding, Preseatlement Funding Group

Photos - Results - USHA 1-Wall Nationals - August 3rd-7th, 2005 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

Results - Lakewood Park Annual Tournament Singles & Doubles - August 6-7th, 2005 - Lakewood Park, Waterbury, CT  The 4th annual Lakewood Park handball tournament finished up today and we had a great time. The weather was gorgeous, and there were really some exciting games. A nice turnout with players from CT, Philly, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Allentown, PA.  Henry Santiago took Singles first prize as well sharing first prize with Angel Teron in the doubles event.  Thanks to our major sponsors, Dr. Jennifer Gonzalez, Associated Spine
and rehab Waterbury, CT, Ektelon, Applebee's, ESPN, and the Villa Rosa
banquet/wedding facilities Waterbury, CT.

1. Henry Santiago-Brooklyn (25-14)
2. Carlos Figueroa-Queens
3. Tito-Bridgeport
4. Big Tony -Waterbury

1. Henry S.-Angel Teron-Brooklyn (25-17)
2. Chino and L (Jo-el)-Philly
3. Wally Amaro, Carlos Velez (Philly)
4. Lenny and Big Tony- Waterbury, CT

Looking forward to expanding, and creating more tournaments, bigger sponsorship in the future. Let's get this game mainstream, and some TV coverage!!! Thanks everyone for their help. David Wells President-Lakewood Park Handball Association.

Results - USHA 1-Wall Nationals - August 3rd-7th, 2005 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY  More info & Photos coming soon!!!

Results - Rockaway Beach "B" Singles - August 6th, 2005 - Beach 105 Street right on the Boardwalk (Shorefront Parkway) in Rockaway Beach, Queens  In the Finals Jay (from 88th) defeated Dennis Bouderau

The following teams have been invited to play in the November 12th, 2005 $25,000 Open Doubles Tournament at Flamingo Park courts, Miami, Florida. John "Rookie" Wright & Lefty Henry Santiago, Dave Rojas & Tony Roberts, Buddha Reed & Eddie "Styles" Santiago, Oscar Dejesus & Robert "Iceman" Sostre, Henry Prieto & Carlos Figueroa, Pauly Yagual & Jaime Rivera, PeeWee Castro & Willie Polanco, and Anthony & Steve (4th Ave/4 Street). They will receive $1,000 per team, FREE Hotel accommodations and Air fare. There will be 8 more teams invited after the Sept. 10th tournament. There will be a total of 16 teams invited but, there will be room for 32 teams to compete for the $25,000 Nov. 12th tournament. Congratulations to Tony Roberts and Dave of the $10,000 July 23rd tournament. All prizes sponsored by South Kearny Truck Repair Center. Please forward Photos and full results of your events.

Results - "A/B" Doubles - Sunday July 31st, 2005 - West 4th Street Courts, NYC  In the semifinals it was John "Rookie" Wright/Gio "lil Rook" Vasquez defeating Shaheem "The Dream" Nelson/Dennis Bouderau, and in the other match Dave Rojas/Larry Dubois defeated Willie Polanco/Steve from 4th St./4th Ave. 21-0 (yes it is not a typo...they got zipped). Willie and Steve are currently the champs of the Van Cortlandt Park night courts (West 242nd Street & Broadway, the Bronx) and are literally undefeated. Today nothing went their way. Dave Rojas played possessed and showed why he is still a Super "A" Player...and Larry Dubois (is an "A" in doubles) played great. In the Finals it was a spectacular performance by both teams. John "Rookie" Wright and Giovanni Vasquez pulled it out after being down most of the game. "Rookie" and Gio defeated Rojas and Dubois 25-20.

Results - OOHA Mr. Liberty - (play for the Belt and Pyramid #1 ranking) - Saturday July 30th, 2005 - Liberty Park, Queens, NY. 33 players participated in the Action at Liberty. The top bracket had all of the "B" players play for the "B" belt, and the bottom had "A's" and "B's". Tyrone Snell defeated Sal 21-6 in the finals. Tyrone received $250 for Open 1st place, Sal 2nd place, the "B" winner Carlos Cardona received $100, 2nd place Carlos Espinal $50

For the Love of Handball - by Anibal Salinas

For starters, I began to play handball in the mid 80's well into the 90's between attending university and shortly after joining the United States Marine Corps. then entering the corporate work force & last but not least marriage and starting family with the Greatest girl in the world I became so pre occupied with my life that handball was placed on hold and took a back seat for approximately a decade. I attend the gym regularly and jogged around the neighborhood Saturday mornings, this was the extent of my physical activities.

Four weeks ago I was on my way to the gym and stopped into a local bodega store to purchase a water bottle prior to hitting the gym, while waiting on line to pay I glanced to the right of the cashier and noticed a container displaying several blue Sky bounce Handballs. I did something I haven't done in years along with my water purchase I asked for a handball. " I said, also let me get one of those blue Sky bounce" the cashier reached over and handed me one.

I did what I have always done back in the days when I initiated a Sky bounce Handball purchase, I squeezed the ball and bounced it off the ground to Identify if it was worthy for purchase, it was. At that very moment I realized that this reunion between Handball & me was way past due. So, I successfully completed my purchased detoured the gym & headed straight to the local neighborhood park. I finally reach the corner street of the park and in the distance I could see those



Courts I spent endless hours on, day after day, rain or shine. I compare the feeling to approaching an old friend at the airport who just landed and haven't seen in years due to over whelming responsibilities life pitches at us.

The closer I got to court, the greater the desire to initiate that first serve and return The curiosity to see if I have retained any of my old Handball skills, if any that I have practiced so much in the past to achieve. So there I was, face to face with an old friend I've neglected to stay in touch with, ( The Court ) a friend who gave me so much more than I gave it. A friend who was always there for me, ( The Court ) rain or shine, waiting 24/7 to provide young men & women the opportunity to not only practice, but to apply what was practiced in competition. It provided an atmosphere an environment to train , compete and for those individuals who went the extra mile who stayed and played a few extra game day in and out and respected ( The Court ) to become champions among the many from East to West who perform, respect, and love the great game of handball.

For all individuals who are privileged enough to have made that connection, you know exactly what I'm feeling. Weather you play everyday or haven't been on the court for ten years you know that Handball chooses one, not the other way around. Once you get on that court and play that first game it's a done deal, Handball and you become one. No matter where you are, or where you're going, no matter how long you have been away from the court whether your 8 yrs. Old or 80 YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF grabbing a handball and standing tall in front of the court.

And we do it all. For the love of Handball...


Results - SAHA "The King of the Courts" - Saturday July 23rd, 2005 - Roy Wilkins Park, Queens, NY 1st place $2,000 George Figueroa, 2nd place $500 Ray Lopez, 3rd place $300 Joe Thompson, 4th place $200 Wally Amaro, 5th place $100 Bobby Byrd, 6th place $75 Larry Dubois, 7th place $50 Cesar Sala, 8th place $40 Vincent "Smash" Wilson  (Trophies 1st to 8th Place, and all entries received FREE T-Shirts.)

Lefty George Figueroa defeating Ray Lopez 25-13 in the Finals.


(LoPierre, Sala, Garcia, Jagnandan, Lee)

Results - Marty O'Malley Classic - Open Men's Singles - Saturday July 16th, 2005 - Bailey Park, Bronx, NY  ROUND OF 16: Milton Jones d. Victor Fernandez 14, Emmanuel Fuentes d. Francisco Carbuccia 24, Jai Ragoo d. Robert Smallwood 5, Alvaro Rebaza d. Jesus Ayala 12
QUARTERFINALS: Cesar Sala d. Jones 18, LoPierre d. Fuentes 13, Lee d. Ragoo 13, Jagnandan d. Rebaza 13
SEMIFINALS: LoPierre d. Sala 23, Jagnandan d. Lee 4
FINAL: Jagnandan d. LoPierre 10




Results - "A/B" Doubles - Sunday July 10th, 2005 - West 4th Street Courts, NYC  The winners were Wildman Rick Montalvo and Pistol Pete Martinez (207th Street). They defeated Ervin Irizarry and Lifeguard Eddie Crespo 21-20 in the finals to claim the title. Down 20-10 Ervin showing his "A" status and served his team to the brink of victory tying the score 20-20. Both teams served twice at 20-20 before Rick and Pete sealed the deal. info by Eddie Styles

Results - "A/B" Women's Doubles - Sunday July 3rd, 2005 - West 4th Street Courts, NYC   The winners were Brenda Pares and Evette Amador.

Results - Summer Classic Doubles - Sunday July 3rd, 2005 - Masher & Allegheny Street, Philly, PA   The winners were Lefty Henry Santiago and Carlos Figueroa.

Results - "B" Singles & Doubles - Sunday July 3rd, 2005 - Avenue Z & Nostrand Ave's (52 Park), Sheepshead  Bay, Brooklyn, NY    In the "B" Singles Finals it was Jay (88th) defeating  G.I. Joe (Bronx). In the "B" Doubles Finals it was Gio "Lil Rookie" Vasquez and Reggie Mckeiver defeating Justin Ritchie and Winston.

Results - OOHA "PEEK" - Open Singles & "B" Pyramid Singles - Saturday July 2nd, 2005 - Edison Park, Queens, NY   In the Open Singles John Neckov defeated Reggie Mckeiver 21-20. The "B" Pyramid winner was Jay (88th) defeating Sean Pearlman 21-7. Full Results.

Results - "B" Doubles - Sunday June 26th, 2005 - West 4th Street Courts, NYC  The event was sponsored by Disc-O-Rama   The winners were Gio "lil Rookie" Vasquez and Larry Dubois defeating Anthony and Eddie (49 Park) in the Finals.

Results - Marvin & PeeWee's Far Rockaway (the 6th Borough) Open Doubles - Saturday June 25th, 2005 - Beach Channel 105, Far Rockaway Queens, NY  The tournament was right by the beach, and had FREE food and drinks for everybody. In the Finals it was Eddie "Styles" Santiago and John Neckov defeating Mike Falcis and Dennis Bouderau 21-17.

Results - SAHA Open Mixed Doubles - Saturday June 25th, 2005 - Liberty Park, Queens, NY   The winners were 1st Place $700 Shaheem "The Dream" Nelson and Karen McConney 25-6 over,  2nd Place $350 Gladys Miranda and John "Rookie" Wright, 3rd Place $150 George Figueroa & Quasia Watson, 4th Place $60 TeeTee Simmons & Tyrone Snell

Results - West 4th "B" Doubles - Saturday June 18th, 2005 - West 4th Street Courts, NYC   In the Finals it was "Killa" Joe and Joe "Boxer" defeating Lifeguard Eddie Crespo and Larry Dubois  21-7.   This was the debut comeback of Killa Joe, and he announced after his tournament win that he is coming this summer to take every tournament. Nobody expected them to even get past the 1st round game let alone win the tournament. Killa Joe playing with a Boxer, hit a slew of rollers on his way to victory. McDonalds may have over 1,000,000,000 burgers served, but Killa Joe has over 1,000,000 Killers served.

Results - "The 1st Out of the Hat" Tournament - June 12th, 2005 - West 4th Street Courts, NYC.  The winners were: 1st place Roland Brown (Bronx) and Joel Vega
(Philadelphia), 2nd place Ron (W. 4th St. Basketball Ref) and BJ Fludd, 3rd place Lenny (the Human Racquet) and Alena (W. 4th St.).

Results - 2005 Big Blue Citywide Championships - June 11-12th, 2005 - London Planetree Park, 88th Street & Atlantic Avenue, Queens, NY
Men Open Singles
Semis: Shaheem Nelson d. John Rookie Wright 21,16
Semis: George Figueroa d. Emmitt Fitzpatrick 21,8
Finals: Shaheem Nelson d. George Figueroa 21,17
Men Open Doubles
Semis: Pauly Yagual & Jaime Rivera d. George Figueroa & Tony Roberts 21,7
Semis: Yuber Peewee Castro & William Palanco d. Rookie Wright & Henry Santiago 21,19
Finals: Yagual & Rivera d. Castro & Palanco 21,13
Men B Singles
Semis: Angel Terron d. Carlos Espinal
Semis: Chris Rivas d. Justine Richie 21-20
Finals: Terron d. Rivas 21,13
Men B Doubles
Semis: Shiraan Hydar & Medhi Majumder d. Johnny Le & Kenny Voung
Semis: Justine Richie & Selvin Barrrios d. Margo & Jay
Finals: Barrios & Richie d. Hydar & Majumder 21,15
Men C Singles
Semis: Andreas Vigo d. Jay Gomez
Semis: Victor Ayala d. Jerry Amador
Finals: Ayala d. Vigo 21,7
Masters 40+
Semis: Pete Rivera d. Mike Martinez
Finals: Simmie "Buddy" Gantt d. Pete Rivera 21,14
Women Open Singles
Semis: Maggie Crespo d. Anna Calderon 21,9
Semis: Brenda Pares d. Gladys Miranda 21,5
Finals: Pares d. Crespo 21,13
Women Open Doubles
Semis: Maggie Crespo & Lori Acevedo d. Karen McConney & Sydell Lewis 21,16
Semis: Brenda Pares & Bernice Torres d. Cheryl Howard & Glayds Miranda 21,9
Finals: Crespo & Acevedo d. Pares & Torres 21,19
Women B Singles
Semis: Christina Bunch d. Maribel Rodriquez
Semis: Quasia Watson d. Sabrina Roberts
Finals: Bunch d. Watson 21-17
Women B Doubles
Semis: Vanessa Smith & Daneisha Lloyd d. Christina Bunch & Dejana Bervisevic
Semis: Quasia Watson & Lian Chan d. Stacy Richards & Sabrina Roberts
Finals: Smith & Lloyd d. Watson & Chan 21,20
Women C Singles
Semis: Tammy Torres d. Rocky Figueroa 21-17
Semis: Elsie Goris d. Anita Wheeler
Finals: Torres d. Goris 21-19

More Citywide Info, Photos, and Articles Coming Soon!!!

Results - The 3rd Annual Sy Merrill Memorial Invitational Handicap Doubles Tournament - Sunday June 12th, 2005 - College of Staten Island outdoor courts, S.I., NY
The Finals pitted Rene Caraballo/Armando Duchese against Rob Robinson/Norm Adler.
Rene and Armando took a commanding 15-7 lead. That's when Rob's passing and kill shots along with Norm's steadiness proved worthy as they had a terrific run and nipped Rene/Armando at the wire 25-24 in an outstanding nip and tuck played finals....

Many thanks to Jim Lonano for all his help in putting the tournament together.

info & photos by Artie Fuchs

Preliminary Round       
Rene Caraballo/Armando Duchese d. Paul Angel/Max Forcht 14   
Jim Martini/John Murdoch d. Rich Kocher/Steve Nuding 18
Stu Kirzner/Al Weinstein d. Joe Costanzo/Ron Pescatore 11   
Elliot Nadel/ Steve Rosenberg d. Joe Heins/Jim LoNano 7
Ray Clark/Steve Kraft d.Pete Stafano/Nick Thedarakis 14
Norm Adler/Ron Robinson d. Sal Cataudella/ Felix Zilberbrand 9   
Joe Amacio/Anthony D'Auria d. Tim O'Sullivan/Dwayne Sampson 20   
Joe Agosto/Abe Haiman d. Bob Caime/Jose DeJesus 17
Rene Caraballo/Armando Duchese d. Jim Martini/John Murdoch 4
Elliot Nadel/Steve Rosenberg  d. Stu Kirzner/Al Weinstein 23
Norm Adler/Rob Robinson d. Ray Clark/Steve Kraft 20
Joe Agosto/Abe Haiman d. Joe Amacio/Anthony D'Auria 12
Norm Adler/Rob Robinson d.Joe Agosto/Abe Haiman 20
Rene Caraballo/Armando Duchese d. Elliot nadel/Steve Rosenberg 13

Finals: Adler/Robinson d. Caraballo/Duchese 25-24


Breaking News!!! $25,000.00 1st place - Miami Blue Ball 1-Wall National Championships - Open Doubles - November 12th, 2005 - Flamingo Park, Miami, Fl - Sponsored by: South Kearny Truck Repair Center, Florida Truck Center, CPQ Freight System. However, players must participate in the $10,000 1st place, July 23rd, 2005 Open Doubles Tournament to play in the November 12th, 2005 Tournament.

(photo - Flamingo Park, Miami Doubles Champions - John "Rookie" Wright & Lefty Henry Santiago)

Photo Link!!! $5,000 1st place Open Doubles June 4th, 2005 - Flamingo Park, Miami Beach, FL     by Eddie, AKA "Tennis Ball" Laboy  also check out his website about the Historic Garfield Street Courts, in Hollywood, FL

Urgent!!! - The Finals of the 2005 Big Blue Citywide Tournament will be held at London Planetree Park, 88th Street & Atlantic Avenue, Queens, NY. Driving Directions take the Van Wyck Expressway to Atlantic Avenue Exit and go west until you reach 88th Street.

Results - $5,000.00 1st place -Big Blue Open Doubles Handball Tournament - Saturday June 4th, 2005 - Flamingo Park, Miami, FL - Sponsored by: South Kearn Truck Repair Center, Florida Truck Center, CPQ Freight System  As expected the New Yorkers dominated this field which included players from CA, FL, NY & PA. Approximately $10,000 in cash awards were split between the top three teams. That is probably the largest prize for a one-day tournament. Semifinals - Henry Santiago/Rookie Wright d. Tony Roberts/Dave Rojas 21-11, Jaime Rivera/Paulie Yagual d. PeeWee Castro/Willie Polanco 21-19 Final - Santiago/Wright d. Rivera/Yagual 25-22  Third place - Roberts/Rojas d. Castro/Polanco 21-17   info provided by Albert Apuzzi

Results - ABEBHA & PA1WHA Big Blue Open Doubles Handball Tournament - Sunday May 29th, 2005 - Jordan Park, Allentown, PA

Results - 1-Wall National Juniors & Masters Doubles Invitational - May 28-30th, 2005 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

Results - OOHA Long Island Open Doubles - Saturday, May 28th, 2005 - John Burns Park, Massapequa, Long Island, NY  It was LI vs. NYC in the early rounds, but in the Finals it was all New York City. The Finals matched up defending champs PeeWee Castro and Willie Polanco vs. John "Rookie" Wright and Tony Roberts. The team of Wright and Roberts were in control most of the game, and at one point they had a 10 point lead. Castro (who was hampered with an ankle sprain) and Polanco did rally to close the gap but it was too little to late. Wright/Roberts defeated Castro/Polanco 25-20 1st place $300, 2nd $100  More info and photos coming soon!!!

Handball Buzz: West 4th Street Open Doubles - Sunday May 22nd, 2005 - West 4th Street Courts, NYC. The Buzz was about the $5,000 1st place purse of the upcoming Big Blue Doubles Handball Tournament - June 4th, 2005 at Flamingo Park, Miami, FL. Just about all the New York City Pro players interviewed by said they were going to compete in Florida. Today also marked the 2005 debut of the dynamic duo team of PeeWee Castro and Willie Polanco. Willie coming back from an injury did not miss a step and they easily defeated there 1st round opponents of "Wildman" Rick Montalvo and "GI" Joe from the Bronx. When "Rookie" found out that Willie Polanco was playing in the Florida tournament....he said jokingly "Cancel my Flight Please, cancel my flight". Other Results before the rain came and the tournament was canceled...Tony Roberts/Dave Rojas d. Gio "lil Rook" Vasquez/Ritchie "Knickerbocker", Buddha Reed/Eddie "Styles" Santiago were beating Cesar Sala/Robert Sostre, and John "Rookie" Wright/Emmitt Fitzpatrick vs. Oscar DeJesus/Ervin Irizzary. 

Results - LTHA Men's Doubles - May 21st, 2005 - Lincoln Terrace Park, Brooklyn, NY  In the Finals it was Gio "lil Rookie" Vasquez & Larry (West 4th) defeating Justin & Joe Thompson.

Results - LTHA Women's Open Handicap Doubles - May 15th, 2005 - Lincoln Terrace Park, Brooklyn, NY  1st Place: TeeTee Simmons, 2nd place: Karen McConney, 3rd place: Lori Acevedo, 4th place Brenda Pares.

Results - LTHA "Player Player" Men's "B" Singles - May 14th, 2005 - Lincoln Terrace Park, Brooklyn, NY  The winner was Justin defeating Gio "Lil Rookie" Vasquez 21-20.

Handball Article: Sunday May 15th, 2005 - New York Times - Travel Section, The Ticket:  Handball Wizards  by Mike Guy

Results - 2005 12th Annual High School Spring Meet - Central Park, NYC

$5,000.00 1st place -Big Blue Doubles Handball Tournament, 2nd & 3rd place $$$$ - June 4th- 5th, 2005 - Flamingo Park, Miami, FL - Sponsored by: South Kearn Truck Repair Center, Florida Truck Center, CPQ Freight System - Sign up will be at 9am, THE ENTRY FEE IS $40 PER PERSON. 80 PER TEAM. It will be well worth even coming in second or third place, There will be jerseys given out to most of the teams and should be enough for all. Jerseys not shirts. The tournament will also be televised on Florida's Spanish TV channel, and there will be some female dancers performing. If people from New York come down it will be a huge event for the sport of Handball especially in Florida. For more information contact: Spidey (Joey) or Victor.  Spidey cell 917-873-6740 or Victor's cell 954-483-0992 Application!!!

Results - "B" Doubles - Sunday May 1st, 2005 - West 4th Street Courts, New York, NY.  The tournament had 20 entries, and was action packed from start to finish. The winners were:  1st place - Anthony and Eddie from "49 PARK", 2nd place - Darnell Sutton and Ritchie (Knickerbocker), 3rd place Lifeguard Eddie Crespo and Armando. Anthony/Eddie defeated Darnell/Ritchie 25-24, both teams served with point game several times.

photo (Ritchie, Anthony, Eddie, and Darnell)


Results - Cesar's Big Blue Doubles - Saturday April 9th, 2005 - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY  
Cesar's Big Blue Bash - April 9th 2005
By Ben Brighton           (photo by Albert Apuzzi)

Each sport has an opening day. Saturday April 9th was the official 
start of the outdoor handball season. National champions Anna Calderon and
Cesar Sala ran a well received tournament at West 5th St..

Dave Rojas and Rookie Wright were one finalist, they beat Tyrone and
Anthony 15-6, 15-3. Ervin and Oscar, top contenders in the 90s, 
stretched Dave and Rookie to the maximum before falling in an 11-7 tie-breaker.
Eddie and Henry defeated national champion Peewee and "little Rookie" 
in three games before losing in the semis to Rojas and Wright 15-9, 15-10.
Jamie and Paulie, known as "the kids", were the other finalists. They
overcame local heroes Eddie and Pete 15-4, 15-14. "Lefty" George 
Figueroa and Tony Roberts overcame "Buddha" and Cesar 15-7, 15-11. George and 
Tony fell just short in a fierce battle losing by identical scores of 15-12 to
the kids.

Watching the games with some longtime observers of handball they remarked
in unison that the athleticism of today's players, their speed, power and
opposite hands are far superior to the players of 30 and 40 years ago. In
the finals you had the veteran team of Rojas/Wright, national champions,
hardened and battle tested by many "handball wars" and winning an
extensive handball resume. Jamie and Paulie have a city-wide title under
their belt. One 21 point game was agreed upon because of the 
approaching darkness. Rookie started with an intensity in the beginning of the 
game. In championship fights, the the fighters usually come out tentatively, a
sort of feeling out process, but sometimes a fighter will come out
swinging from the sound of the bell going for the quick "knockout" or 
to at least intimidate his opponent. Dave and Rookie were relentless as they
drove the kids into the mat. But the kids showed resiliency, heart and
true grit in climbing off the canvas and back to 10-15. Rojas and 
Wright regrouped and finished the match off 21-11. The rallies were fast and
furious like two fighters throwing everything they had, rights and lefts,
at each other. Congratulations to Rojas and Wright and to the younger team of  
Jamie and Paulie. They have good chemistry and will dominate into the next decade.
Finding that right partner can take years. Just ask most married people.

Special thanks to Anna Calderon, Eddie Petrizzi, Cesar Sala, Tony Roberts, 
Dave the Bread man, Cynthia Johnson, Francisca Perez, Morris Franco,
Melissa Feliciano, Phong Nyguen, Mike Testa, Bob Weissbard, David Shargel, 
Abe Pearlman, and Abe Podisky for their generous contributions to the event.

Results/Updates - QuJHO - April 9th, 2005 - Elmhurst, Queens Cold and Rain marked the beginning of the One Wall season. March 19th Winter pyramid – postponed until April 2nd
32 entry's showed up to play but the rules of the tournament would not allow it to proceed – Temperature was 44 degrees. On April 2nd a Major Nor-easter hit the City causing flooding and power outages and a possible cancellation's of the event. With entry's now standing at 42 the decision was made to offer a third chance for those who could make it on April 9th and a refund for those that could not. Results - April 9th Junior Warm up. Ivan Wong wins the 22 & under division thereby gaining free entry into every event QuJHO holds. ICHA Travel Team member Ronald Flores Crushes QuJHO Travel Team member Jurell Batsidas (21-2) to win the 19 & Under thereby gaining free entry into the One Wall Pyramid series of tournaments. Current 13 & Under One Wall National Champion Tyree Batsidas of Midwood High School also a QuJHO Travel Team member dominated the 16 and under division causing many to remark that Tyree seems very similar to Ference Dominguez with his two handed power game. Next up for QuJHO the Spring Thaw.
info provided by Michael F Watson - Founder of QuJHO

Results - USHA 1-Wall Pro Doubles (In Conjunction with The H.E.S. Invitational Doubles) - Sunday March 13th, 2005 - Brooklyn, NY  Photos, Full Results, & video clip

PHOTO LINK: COOL HANDBALL PHOTOS - courtesy of "China" from the Bronx

Profile on Morris Franco
By Ben Brighton
Many of today's athletes are concerned only about themselves, their careers, their statistics, and what is written about them. They refuse to accept the responsibility of being a role model as if it were an unwanted burden thrust upon them.
I'm cynical enough, so that even when I see pictures of athletes at charity events, I feel it is just a "photo opportunity" to promote an image of good will rather then a genuine desire to do good work. But of course there are many exceptions. There are athletes who give of themselves, their time, their money, and who promote education as well as sports. These athletes leave an indelible imprint on youth that goes beyond their performance on the field.
Handball has many people who perform selfless acts to better the sport and the people who participate. One such person is Morris Franco.
In the 1980's. big blue handball was just beginning to flourish. At this time the Internet wasn't anywhere as popular, and news of upcoming tournaments, as well as their results, occurred by word of mouth. Players assembled at a designated location, put up their own money to make a prize, and divided it up among those who "placed" well. There was very little organization and plenty of chaos.
Into this chaotic atmosphere came Morris Franco. During the mid-eighties he produced the biggest, and perhaps the best, big blue tournament ever held. The tournament ran for 4 weekends, like a Broadway production, getting better with each performance. The entry fee was nominal. T-shirts were provided, and several hundred players participated. The logistics of running such a tournament were overwhelming. It took a toll on Morris' health. Luckily, he had friends who volunteered to help out. This event became the gold standard for upcoming tournaments.
But Morris' tournament is only half the story. He was also an excellent player in his time. From the 60s through the 90s he was known to everyone who followed the sport. Morris faced Al Torres, with the pinkball, and Ed Golden with the big blue. Morris played against handball's best at the time and held his own. His strength was an outstanding, accurately positioned, punch serve coupled with a lethal follow-up. Aching knees, an ailment common to many longtime handball players, forced Morris into an early retirement.
Morris also gets credit for introducing a game called "rotation" to the W5th St. crowd. Often played with as many as 8-10 players. everyone gets a number. When their turn arrives they must return the ball over the short line. When played well, the choreography is amazing to watch as the participants weave in and out as their turn comes up. Volleys often last for minutes. It is a crowd pleasing game that usually begins when the day is ending. He is still a regular at W5th St. and enjoys watching the new generation come up. Morris can look back with pride at his achievements, his great tournament, and a successful playing career. That is a fine legacy for one of the true sportsmen of handball.


Results - The Kings Bay Open -Men's Pro Singles & "A" Singles, Women's Pro Doubles - Sunday February 27th, 2005 - The Kings Bay YM-YWHA, 3495 Nostrand Ave., Brooklyn, NY   Photos and Full Results

Handball website: MDPHA - MigDog Promo Handball Association (cool video clips & photos)

Maxim March 2005 Magazine Ad - one-wall Handball courts used in background of advertisement for Redken 5th Avenue, NYC (it's an ad for a men's hair products) Page 37

Sirius Satellite RadioSirius Satellite Radio Inc. (SIRI) is a provider of satellite radio service, offering over 100 Streams to subscribers throughout the continental United States, including 61 streams of commercial-free music and over 40 streams of news, sports, talk, entertainment, traffic, weather and children's programming. Sirius recently signed up Howard Stern, the NFL, NHL, NBA, ESPN, CNN, and this week NASCAR. tries some Marketing!!! Sirius stock is one of the darlings on Wall Street, in fact the stock set a record for the most volume in one day trading 600 Million shares. The stock is in the news everyday making big deals. What we did was post some information on a message board, but not just any message board.  We spammed the Sirius message board on Yahoo Finance, it currently has the most traffic on the internet. We also decided to post on a day where the stock was falling and investors were panicking for information. We posted these messages, 1) Breaking News...Handball and Sirius, do you think Sirius will link up with the sport of Handball, and 2) and Sirius Radio promoting underground sports, and 3) Does anyone think they will add a Handball is New York City's most popular sport, and we listed the url address Well here are some of the results before we got kicked off and our posts were removed. 1)HAHA handball?!?!? They just announced NASCAR and this thing barely budged and you think handball is some big gainer??? Hi, I'm Earth, have we met? 2) LOL...........  3) No doubt they will pay them $20M/ year for the handball rights. The reason SIRI and XM are down is because Sirius is ruining the industry by driving up the content cost to ridiculous levels. 4) very funny, cool website

Although we were not very successful, we did divert traffic to the Handball City website with many new visitors in under 2 hours. Hopefully we were able to gain some exposure and get some individuals interested who might want to start playing or investing in Handball. We do not condone this behavior, it was just a test.

Press Release: February 26th, 2005 HandballCity's new website format!!! We have had some positive feedback about the new look. Reports show that individual visitors grew to almost 16,000... and total visitors jumped to almost 25,000 visitors a month. We would like to give Handball players and fans a unique experience while visiting You now have a one stop website for up to date news and shopping. Handball City is now using the New York Times as an affiliate for news feeds which are updated often throughout the day. You now have National, Local, International, Politics, Business, Technology, Health, Science, Arts, Music, Movies, Books, Travel, Dinning, Fashion, and Home & Garden. 100's of articles updated daily. We also have the weather, a web search engine, and stock quotes. Handball City has also affiliated with a ton of advertisers. Amazon, Yahoo Personals, Ebay, Best Buy, Allposters, Monster, Hot Jobs, Home Depot, The Vitamin Shoppe, Jamster!, Paragon Sports, 1800Contacts, Fossil, Sirius Satellite Radio, and many more. If you purchase products through any of the links on the website, you will be showing support for the sport of Handball. We also have a Multimedia and Downloads section...Handball Action and Humor video clips. Plus we are giving you a look into the future with previews of the NHA (National Handball Association), XHL (Xtreme Handball League), and MOH (Monsters of Handball). Soon all the main pages will be using the new format. Also coming in 2005 will be an updated Locations to Play section, with courts from around the USA and World. Please give us feedback by posting on the various Handball discussion boards, and please visit us daily for news and weather.

Flash Handball Game - You can play Handball online! (works okay)

PHA (Pro Handball Association) Press Release - February 21st, 2005  (published on the PHA website) An interview  with PHA president Jim Peixoto by Ben Thum   Interesting insight into the future of the Professional Handball Association, a class organization on and off the court.

Handball Gets Snubbed Again! The newest Gatorade (the leader in sports drinks) TV commercial campaign shows people sweating while playing different sports. The athletes of these sports then drink the sports drink to quench their thirst. In the commercial you have the already played out street basketball players, also soccer, but then they show two females playing tennis or is it racquetball, but on a one-wall Handball court. Those one-wall courts are called Handball courts, how can a leader in sports advertising not know this? In the commercial they are hitting a tennis ball with what looks like a racquetball racquet against the wall...and they are hitting the ball so hard that the wall breaks. Please write the production company and let them know that they should just promote the true sport of one-wall Handball, and yes Handball players do drink Gatorade.

Handball Tools: The New and Official USHA One-Wall Handball Rules with Interpretations now available in PDF. (printable document format) Also exclusively available on HBC we have the USHA Referees Guide - produced by Albert Apuzzi   In order to view guide please download Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 viewer - its FREE   Tournament coordinators should have a copy of the rules when running their events. This will end any disagreements or controversy regarding technicalities. The basic rules or any change of rules should be briefly discussed at all amateur events before the tournament starts. Players and Referees in the Pro and "A" divisions should know the rules, and enforce them as much as possible.

Handball Article: Handball Looks to bounce back by
(4 wall but still interesting) - February 16, 2005 - The University of Washington-Seattle Daily Online >Excerpt of article (While the popularity of handball has declined, it is still used as a cross-training sport and has a history of famous affiliates. Many historical figures played handball such as President Abraham Lincoln, baseball Hall of Famers Babe Ruth and Ernie Banks, along with celebrities like Dennis Hopper and John Malkovich.) 

Breaking News!!! A new Big Blue Handball is on the market. The Handball is called "POWER BOLT" and seems to be a little larger and heavier than the Sky Bounce and USHA Big Blue Handball (used at the citywide). The description of the ball seems to be smoother on the outside, and made with a thicker type of rubber, the new ball also has a seem. Trying to test the feel of the ball at Dick's Sporting Goods (NY location - Roosevelt Field Mall, 630 Old Country Rd, Garden City, NY 11530) without getting thrown out by security was kind of hard. The ball did seem very bouncy and reminded me of the old pink ball Spaldeens but with a different texture. The ball is made in China. HandballCity will be putting this ball to the test this summer; with testing of durability, damage to bare hands, will it cause injuries?, the balls action, and feedback from players. The current #1 selling Big Blue Handball in New York City is the Sky Bounce ball (rated by as best all around ball, and would like to see a future version with a little more bounce/air). Racquetballs by Ektelon, Wilson, and Penn are also used by Big Blue Handball players, but they seem to be harder on bare hands and shoulders. If you know of other Big Blue type Handballs please let us know.

Interesting articles about Rotator Cuff (shoulder) injuries: search listings or quick summary. Shoulder and knee injuries are the most common injuries that can effect Handball players.

New York City one-wall Handball Courts are getting some exposure!!! Checkout the video game by EA Sports called "NBA Street V3". The Television commercial also shows the Handball courts in the background. The video game producers really out did themselves with this game. You can also download screenshots and preview videos of the video game, and check out the courts section, especially (The Cage - West 4th Street courts, NYC, Gun Hill courts, Bronx, NY, Dyckman courts, Bronx, NY, and Rucker Park, Harlem, NYC). They did choose the best Basketball parks, in which have the most run with some of the best street ball players in the world. The estimated cost of production for a video games of this nature is between 5-10 million dollars. The Handball courts are rampant throughout the game. Hopefully EA Sports will someday produce a Handball video game. Currently the closest type of video game to the sport of Handball are the different Tennis video games.

Handball Article: The memoirs of a Handball Player by Tru Truong

Results - 2004 Men’s and Women’s YMCA National One-Wall Handball singles and doubles Championships - Saturday December 11th, 2004 - at the McBurney YMCA, Manhattan, NY   Articles, Cool Photos, and Full Results exclusive: Checkout Satish Jagnandan's webpage HANDBALL HISTORY - Linking up Handball's past, present, and future generations.

United States Handball Association Hall of Fame Dinner honoring Handball legend Al Torres - Sunday November 14th, 2004, Gargiulo's Restaurant, Coney Island, NY

ICHA Season End Awards Dinner - Wednesday, November 10, 2004 - Broadway Diner Restaurant, 590 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY   Annual ICHA (Inner City Handball Association) dinner honoring the years outstanding Handball achievements. Presented with awards for 2004 were as follows: Al Torres-Lifetime Achievement, Joe Cassidy-Jack Lynch Award, Brenda Pares-Athlete Recognition, Satish Jagnandan-Athlete Recognition, Tali Elfassey-Junior Athlete Recognition, Victor LoPierre-Junior Athlete Recognition, Michael Schneider-Junior Athlete Recognition, Stan Zavoyskiy-Volunteer, William O'Donnell- Volunteer, and Rosemarie Bellini.   Coordinated by Paul Williams-ICHA President

Results - USHA Men's & Women's Pro Singles Stop #2 in conjunction with an Invitational Handicap "B" Doubles - Sunday October 31st, 2004 - at the new H.E.S. 9502 Seaview Ave., Brooklyn, NY    Full Results, Articles, and Photos

NEWS:   April 17th, 2004 - October 24th, 2004

NEWS:     June 21st, 2003 - April 10th, 2004

NEWS:       April 6th, 2003 - July 12th, 2003

NEWS:         July 27th 2002 - April 6th, 2003

NEWS:   March 10th through July 21st, 2002


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