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Handball is one of New York City’s great playground sports. In 1999, Parks refurbished 100 handball courts in Brooklyn, which led to a citywide plan to restore 1,500 handball courts. Parks will remove excess paint from walls, fill cracks in the court, and renovate the courts. To celebrate, Parks hosted its first amateur citywide handball tournament in June, 2000.


The Parks Inspection Program (PIP) monitors the conditions and the quality of all parks, playgrounds and green streets, and provides a consistent performance measure for all Parks facilities. Trained inspectors from Operations & Management Planning (OMP) perform over 2,700 inspections each year, giving each inspected site either an “Acceptable” or “Unacceptable” rating for its overall condition, based on structural and cleanliness features including litter, glass, graffiti, weeds, and lawns. Over the last two years, PIP has been expanded to include Greenstreets and Flagship Parks. Inspectors now use handheld computers and digital cameras to inspect park conditions more efficiently.

One of the City’s 1500 handball courts to be restored