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Monsters of Handball - Video Game & Comic Book

Monsters of Handball (TM) is in early stages of production. Monsters of Handball will be paying homage to the sport of Handball. The sport of Handball is an un-tapped market full of potential...and it will be breaking into the main stream very soon. We are currently looking for investors and partners to join our team.

The Video game will be action packed with extreme characters playing Handball (one, three, and four wall Handball).  Help Wanted - Video Game Producers, Computer Animators, C++ Programmers, Character Model creators, and Multimedia gurus. The comic book will be a visual experience with some interesting story line twists. It will be packed with extreme characters who dominate the sport of Handball in the past, present and in the future. Help Wanted - Comic Book Producers, Computer Artists, Sketch Artists and Coloring Artists, Desktop Publishers, and imaginative individuals. Monsters of Handball T-Shirts will be on sale soon!!! 


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