The purpose of the game is to hit the ball against a wall with either hand in such a way that the opponent or opponents cannot return the ball back. If the ball bounces before it reaches the wall, the point or serve is forfeited to the opponent. A point is awarded to the server if the receiver misses the ball or the ball bounces before getting to the wall. Points can only be scored by the server. If during the volley the server misses a return, the opponent, rather than gaining a point, becomes the server.

Knowing the rules of the sport is only a small fraction of the game. The real challenge lies in the hands of the opposite opponent. On the court it comes down to hand-to-hand combat.    Read More

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 Sponsors wanted for major Handball events. The sport of one-wall Handball is in need of sponsors in order to compete with other major sports. Handball players wear clothing, sneakers, and almost everything else other sports athletes would use. But Handball has yet to gain the respect from major sponsors. Why is this? Do they feel Handball is not worth getting involved with? Handball should be embraced soon, because someone must realize that once the flood gates open and the masses get involved with Handball they just might be to late. Once Handball breaks into the mainstream, advertisers will be jumping onto the band wagon in droves. I think the players and the fans will know which brand names truly stuck with the sport from the beginning. All types of sponsors or sponsorships are welcomed. You can help financially or provide your products to participates playing in the event. You can promote your company at our tournaments with many different advertising tools.

You do not have to be a company to sponsor an event, anyone can become a sponsor. You can also be anonymous if you like, and still take pride in helping promote one of our events. It's your choice, Youth, amateur, or Pro tournaments would benefit dearly from your generosity. Don't you think the NBA, NFL, and MLB have enough money already. Start with a sport with upside potential at the ground level; and you will reap the rewards in the future.

The NHA - National Handball Association, Pro one-wall Handball, is looking for all types of sponsors to put on the largest event the sport of Handball has ever seen. Don't be left out, be seen and heard.

The XHL - Xtreme Handball League, "New York City's most extreme sport", Big Blue one-wall Handball played with a Super pumped up Ball. Super fast action played on concrete. Get in on the most exciting event the sports world has seen in a long time.

In the last 2 years Handball has seen some interest from Skechers, Red Bull, and White Castle. But you will see other corporate sponsors getting involved very soon. Handball innovations will only be working with a chosen few. All serious would be sponsors should be in contact with Handball innovations as soon as possible.

Contact: James Russo - President of operations

- Investors

We are currently seeking Investors and Partners to join our team. The sport of one-wall Handball is rich with history and dates back over 100 years. Handball had originally migrated from Ireland and then found itself in the parks of New York City. It quickly became the most popular sport among Irish, Italian, and Jewish communities. Poor immigrants had adopted the sport since it was inexpensive to play; all you needed was a ball and a wall. In the mid 1900’s New York City had over 5,000 one-wall Handball courts. Currently there are 2,500 maintained Handball courts across NYC.

Handball is now on the brink of breaking mainstream. Soon major players of all industries will be scrambling to get involved with the sport of one-wall Handball. Handball is one of the only untapped markets left out there that has not been discovered. The sport is no longer only popular in prisons and poor communities. Players and fans of all races and genders, rich or poor have been electrified by Handball. Handball has been played in the background of major movies, has been written up in publications, and played by famous people. But just recently the popularity has exploded, with more tournament entries, and fans showing up to view the action. Now “MTV2” and the “New York Times” are starting to look at Handball as an opportunity. Don’t miss the boat; get involved by investing in the future with “Handball innovations”. “Handball innovations” (Imagination is our power) with it’s subsidiaries “”, “National Handball Association”, “Xtreme Handball”, “Monsters of Handball”, and “HBC”. Handball innovations will be looking to bring the sport of Handball to the professional level it deserves.

Why invest with “Handball Innovations” and not another organization? Since the inception of the “” website the popularity of the sport of Handball has been on the rise. Handball City’s President, James Russo has dedicated numerous hours of time in promoting Handball with creative marketing techniques and proven strategies. He has also shown he’s not just looking to make a quick buck, and promotes everyone’s Handball tournaments and Handball organizations for FREE. In tern has developed strong relationships with Handballs elite connections. He also has personal relationships with all the Pro players of Handball and also plays the game himself. Basically when you have someone who eats, drinks, and sleeps Handball you have someone who is dedicated and very passionate about his involvement with this sport. He also has an impeccable character that has not yet disappointed.    

With financial investors we believe we can take the sport of one-wall Handball mainstream with many concepts. Help turn a dream into reality and be a part of a winning team. The logistics of what we want from our investors are not yet established, so we are open to many options.  We will be putting together presentations for all of our divisions, and would be interested in setting up meetings with serious inquiries. 

If you are a venture capitalist or a qualified private investor excited about the possibilities represented by our concepts, and see the potential for a partnership or wish to receive investor materials, inquiries may be sent to:

James Russo – President, Handball Innovations         




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